While there is nothing radically different or innovative about this watch winder, it represents an interesting flavor as part of Orbita’s Avanti watch winder collection. Watch winders do come in a lot of varieties, but consumers still have a tiny choice of decent brands compared to those who make watches. I find that interesting especially since making watch winders is arguably more simple than making watches. Nevertheless, the humble watch winder is still seeking to gain mainstream acceptance.

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But you reading this are an enthusiast and adopter of all things able to make your watch buying, wearing, and storing experience a success. So you want one (probably more) watch winders to use for your collection of automatic watches. Which leads me to a funny thing Orbita (and many other watch winder brands) do – place quartz watches as models on their winders when photographing them. Am I being nit picky or is that just silly?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOLZzq8xv6E]

This model is the Avanti 4 Vertical Stack watch winder and it caught my eye as being something which was particularly practical. The tall vertical orientation of the winder made for a good piece on a shelf, as a bookend, and simply to stack a series of them next to one another… for a “wall o’ winders.” Like all Avanti models, the materials used to produce the winder housing are pretty nice. This model is wrapped in leather with red contrast stitching. The front plate is carbon fiber. Orbita works with some other companies that use their winders in safes (for example). Some clients have asked for more metal parts which are currently made in plastic. So maybe Orbita will go even more high-end in the future. Though, I am pretty happy with the result.

This Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder has spots for four Rotor-Wind watch winders. The Rotor-Wind system is something that I have reviewed several times before on aBlogtoRead.com. A quick search for “Orbita watch winder review” will reveal how it works for those who are not familiar with it. In my humble opinion, the Rotor-Wind system is the best all-around watch winder module. It uses low energy, winds using gravity, and is silent. Some enthusiasts want programmable winders sure, but for most people the Rotor-Wind system works wonderfully. If you really must have a programmable watch winder – worry not – Orbita has you covered as well. Oh, and in this unit, the Rotor-Wind modules wind each of the watches once each 10 minutes. To learn more you can read this previous Orbita RotorWind watch winder review.

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One downside to the Orbita Avanti 4 is a technical reality which means that you can buy them in either the vertical or horizontal position – but the same unit can’t be oriented vertically or horizontally. This has to do with the nature of the Rotor-Wind modules. A small issue, but important to mention as many people might assume you could tilt the unit on its side. You’ll need to decide what orientation you want when you purchase it.

The Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder weighs about 11 pounds and is 18.25 inches tall by 4.75 inches wide and 8 inches deep. The weight is not excessive, and it doesn’t feel as though it is going to topple over. If the unit is too light, then a small earthquake or brush with a cat might knock it down. Though in reality, if it did fall to either side, the watches would probably be safe.

In the video you can see that one of the winders moves more slowly as it winds up the watch. This is actually what happens only when you turn it on as the winders slowly step up before the weight releases the watches. This process takes about 10 minutes each time. However, that initial winding motion when you turn on the unit is affected by the weight of a watch. While there is one power switch, the unit takes several lithium ion batteries. These power cells that it takes are designed to keep the Avanti 4 in operation for five years. Orbita is happy to sell you new batteries or you can purchase them elsewhere. It would be nice to have a low battery indicator – a feature I have been asking Orbita to design for a few years now.

Placed sort of in the middle (price-wise) among their collection, the Orbita Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder is a fine unit that will provide reliable winding service for four automatic watches in a relatively compact space and attractive package. For whatever reason, I find myself using it much more than other units that have doors and other obstructions to the watches. For me, it really comes down to convenience. I want a simple unit that I can place in and remove my watch with ease – I think Orbita does that pretty well in units such as this. Price for the Orbita Avanti 4 Vertical watch winder is $2,995.

Thanks to Orbita for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent. 

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