Let me tell you why I acquired a new Oris timepiece for my daughter that I don’t plan on giving her for 18 years. Time is an important commodity, and watches do more than just keep track of it: watches often signify a specific achievement or moment in time that rings to mind with every glance at the wrist. They also represent the passing of time, which is far too precious to observe on a timepiece you don’t give a damn about. That is not to say a watch needs to be expensive to be important, it just needs to be significant to the wearer, which brings me to the point of this particular Oris Aquis Date Diamonds watch.

My daughter's future ORIS Aquis Diamond Date next to my very first mechanical watch: An automatic Tissot PRS-516.

My daughter’s Oris Aquis Diamond Date next to my first mechanical watch: A Tissot PRS-516.

Watches have always been my interest, but it was my first mechanical watch (a Tissot PRS 516) that sealed the deal on my appreciation for horology, and I think that many of you reading this post will relate to what I’m talking about. It was a cherished experience, and it’s just one of those things I’d love to be able to recreate for my daughter, who was born this past December. Yes, I know… It will be quite some time before she can even wear a watch, but there is a method to my madness.

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My idea was to purchase a watch within the first year of my daughter’s life, and hold on to this piece until an appropriate or significant date in the distant future. Perhaps her graduation from college or university, her 21st birthday, or whatever event just feels right. It will hopefully be her first mechanical watch, and by then, it could very well be considered vintage – yet unworn and brand-spanking-new. So why did I select an Oris Aquis with diamonds, date, display back, and a stainless steel bracelet? I will explain.


I needed the overall design to be timeless and versatile, something that could be dressed up or down, and will still look the part around 2035. It would need to look age-appropriate and be durable enough for an active 20-something, and a brand that the average schmo wouldn’t recognize. And finally, it needed to spark an interest in mechanical things, which means a display back was pretty much mandatory. Well, when I walked past a boutique window about 2 weeks prior to my daughter’s birth, I saw this very Oris Aquis Date Diamonds watch, and it was exactly what I was looking for.


First off, the glossy dial and ceramic bezel play wonderfully with the light, and although I typically steer clear of diamonds, they contrast with the overall sporty appearance of this piece in an interesting way. It’s almost quirky, but it is done so simply that it just works.

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Another thing is that this piece is waterproof with a screw down crown, which when fully screwed down, has the logo resting flat. A small detail, but nevertheless pleasing to behold. The crown guard is seemingly a separate piece with two set screws holding it in place – which I also enjoy as a detail on this watch, as it feels almost industrial but blends right in with that ceramic bezel and diamond dial.

Oris-Aquis-36mm-Automatic-For-My-Daughter-7 Oris-Aquis-36mm-Automatic-For-My-Daughter-1

The bracelet has brushed centre links and polished links on the outside, with the laser-etched folding clasp being entirely brushed. The Oris Aquis Date Diamonds also has a substantial feeling to it for a smaller (36mm) ladies’-sized watch, which adds to the heft of the thing. Another thing I think people enjoy about wearing a stainless steel watch is that you definitely feel the weight of it on the wrist, and this delivers.


Finally, the movement is based on the Sellita SW 200-1 (essentially an ETA 2824-2) and that is a good thing for this piece. Why? Well, although you might say these movements are quite ubiquitous, in my thinking, that means replacements are more likely to exist in the time when my daughter will actually be wearing the watch. In an effort to promote longevity, I feel like foregoing complicated and rare for common and plentiful may be to the advantage of this watch.

Oris-Aquis-36mm-Automatic-For-My-Daughter-9 Oris-Aquis-36mm-Automatic-For-My-Daughter-10

Not only do I want to present my kid with a birth year watch, I want this timepiece to serve as a wrist-mounted companion on her own journey through time. I want it to be worn, scuffed, repaired and appreciated as it marks the passing of our most precious commodity, and I believe this Oris Aquis watch is up for the challenge. Years from now, if she finds this article she might want to know that the Oris Aquis Date Diamonds ladies’ watch is priced at $2,200 – I wonder what mechanical watches will cost then… oris.ch

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