It is beautifully made, and perfectly crafted. It also has a very unique design language which I think is fantastic. Its shape is derived from the wheel well of a car, which was a great bonus, because I am also a car enthusiast. The design came about because the first TT1 Chronograph (the inspiration for the watch I was looking at) was released in 2001. It was intended as a racing inspired watch. It then became known as a divers watch later on.

The case and bracelet were made with a beautiful light colored titanium. I don’t like the darker titanium, which I find a bit “muddy” and sad looking. The bracelet has outer links that were highly polished and the inner links were matte finished. Inside is the now ubiquitous Swiss made Sellita SW220 (ETA clone). It is a 28 Jewel, 28’800 A/h, 4 Hz Movement. The movement’s power reserve of 38 hours is not ideal, but at least it has a bi-directional winding rotor in “Oris red” to keep it going.

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The black bezel had a polished coin edge, with a 120 click, engraved divers bezel with the standard numerals, hash marks, and the classic lumed “pip” at 12 o’clock. The dial’s lume was white SuperLumiNova, which was perfectly placed inside the hands and “dart” or “fang” indices. It glows a bright green color in the dark, and is long lasting.

This is one beautifully designed watch, with a phenomenal level of fit and finish. Every detail has been finessed. There are no rough edges, or cut corners. The three piece links of the bracelet are held together with substantial screws. Flip it over, and even the case back is great looking, with lots of details, including a circle that converts meters to feet. Very handy for divers. The clasp is very sturdy, with side buttons, that produce a solid “click”. It has a solidly incorporated diver extension, to fit over a bulky wetsuit, and three micro-adjustment holes for the bracelet to ensure a perfect fit. The lugs are very thick, with large screws on the outside of each one, so you can swap out the titanium bracelet for Oris’s rubber one. If I did not see the price tag, I would have easily thought it was far more expensive than it was. I felt that $2,675 was an incredible value considering the details, design, and construction.

Well, after learning more about Oris – which was founded in 1904 – and their brand philosophy, the impressive nature of the piece actually made sense. They were formed “to make good quality watches, that were affordable.” Clearly, nothing has changed. Since 1982 they have functioned as an independent brand, which obviously allows them to adhere to their credos, without interference. Their new corporate mantra taken straight from their book was: “Without Quality, There Is No Luxury.” Bulls-eye! This was a victorious day. I found exactly what I was looking for, and fell in love with my new purchase.

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Whenever I get a new watch, I wear it for the following few months, almost exclusively. Why? It confirms that the hunt was worth it, and that I made the right choice. My new watch gives me great pleasure each time I look at it, which is constantly! Oh, and of course, I will soon think about my next purchase…. That is what makes me an enthusiast, and collector. Once again, this is the Oris Divers Titan “C” Small Second, Date ref.  01 743 7638 7454-07 8 24 70PEB watch and the retail price is $2,675. oris.ch

Necessary Data
>Brand: Oris
>Model: Oris Divers Titan “C” Small Second, Date ref. 01 743 7638 7454-07 8 24 70PEB
>Price: $2,675 USD
>Size: 47mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone who wants an elegant, distinctive “Desk Diver” that is an exceptional buy, considering the quality, construction and materials.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Although it is a 47mm, due to the shape, the dial is a bit on the small side, which restricts instant readability.
>Best characteristic of watch: Incredible level of fit and finish considering the price. It is a harmonious, elegant mix of light colored titanium that is both polished and matte, and it also has a highly reflective, lustrous ceramic bezel.

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