Oris Divers Titan “C” Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review pg. 2

Oris Divers Titan “C” Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review

Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It is beautifully made, and perfectly crafted. It also has a very unique design language which I think is fantastic. Its shape is derived from the wheel well of a car, which was a great bonus, because I am also a car enthusiast. The design came about because the first TT1 Chronograph (the inspiration for the watch I was looking at) was released in 2001. It was intended as a racing inspired watch. It then became known as a divers watch later on.

The case and bracelet were made with a beautiful light colored titanium. I don't like the darker titanium, which I find a bit "muddy" and sad looking. The bracelet has outer links that were highly polished and the inner links were matte finished. Inside is the now ubiquitous Swiss made Sellita SW220 (ETA clone). It is a 28 Jewel, 28’800 A/h, 4 Hz Movement. The movement's power reserve of 38 hours is not ideal, but at least it has a bi-directional winding rotor in "Oris red" to keep it going.

Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The black bezel had a polished coin edge, with a 120 click, engraved divers bezel with the standard numerals, hash marks, and the classic lumed "pip" at 12 o'clock. The dial's lume was white SuperLumiNova, which was perfectly placed inside the hands and "dart" or "fang" indices. It glows a bright green color in the dark, and is long lasting.

This is one beautifully designed watch, with a phenomenal level of fit and finish. Every detail has been finessed. There are no rough edges, or cut corners. The three piece links of the bracelet are held together with substantial screws. Flip it over, and even the case back is great looking, with lots of details, including a circle that converts meters to feet. Very handy for divers. The clasp is very sturdy, with side buttons, that produce a solid "click". It has a solidly incorporated diver extension, to fit over a bulky wetsuit, and three micro-adjustment holes for the bracelet to ensure a perfect fit. The lugs are very thick, with large screws on the outside of each one, so you can swap out the titanium bracelet for Oris's rubber one. If I did not see the price tag, I would have easily thought it was far more expensive than it was. I felt that $2,675 was an incredible value considering the details, design, and construction.

Well, after learning more about Oris - which was founded in 1904 - and their brand philosophy, the impressive nature of the piece actually made sense. They were formed "to make good quality watches, that were affordable." Clearly, nothing has changed. Since 1982 they have functioned as an independent brand, which obviously allows them to adhere to their credos, without interference. Their new corporate mantra taken straight from their book was: "Without Quality, There Is No Luxury." Bulls-eye! This was a victorious day. I found exactly what I was looking for, and fell in love with my new purchase.

Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Whenever I get a new watch, I wear it for the following few months, almost exclusively. Why? It confirms that the hunt was worth it, and that I made the right choice. My new watch gives me great pleasure each time I look at it, which is constantly! Oh, and of course, I will soon think about my next purchase.... That is what makes me an enthusiast, and collector. Once again, this is the Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date ref.  01 743 7638 7454-07 8 24 70PEB watch and the retail price is $2,675. oris.ch

Necessary Data
>Brand: Oris
>Model: Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date ref. 01 743 7638 7454-07 8 24 70PEB
>Price: $2,675 USD
>Size: 47mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Anyone who wants an elegant, distinctive "Desk Diver" that is an exceptional buy, considering the quality, construction and materials.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Although it is a 47mm, due to the shape, the dial is a bit on the small side, which restricts instant readability.
>Best characteristic of watch: Incredible level of fit and finish considering the price. It is a harmonious, elegant mix of light colored titanium that is both polished and matte, and it also has a highly reflective, lustrous ceramic bezel.

What do you think?
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  • Ulysses31

    Not the most exciting Oris, but I love the design language of chunky links and a hefty case and lugs.

  • rpsmith01

    Great looking watch!  Any reason you did not consider the Tudor Pelagos?

  • nateb123

    Easily my favourite Oris.  Just so many little things that make it entirely unique all brought together in one very cohesive package.

  • kapurkk

    The Rolex submariner is the only watch in this category that does it all. Followed by the Omega Seamaster. Everything is is a compromise , a decision which fine watch buyers and collectors inevitably regret down the years.

  • MarkOs

    Nice looking has a certain sparkle in the photos that is not evident on the company web site photos.
    Ref the comment from kapurkk I could not disagree more about Rolex, to me that is the lazy unimaginative choice, the “posh ” choice for someone not really interested in watches.

  • Neil C

    Now that is a beautiful watch.

  • Piero

    Nice review William, the watch looks great! Do you think that titanium can be more easily scratched than steel?

  • William S Lerner

    Hi Piero,
    That is a great question, and one I should have included in my review! Titanium is far more easily scratched than stainless steel. It is also prone to show more fingerprints on the shiny surfaces. That said, technically it is stronger, and is about half the weight. The majority of the time the user will look at the dial and the bezel. This is where this watch excels, especially for the price point. The bezel is Ceramic, which is virtually unscratchable and, of course it has an extremely scratch resistant Sapphire crystal. These two elements will keep the face an bezel “scratch free” and since it is a genuine diver, you can wash away any fingerprint marks. All watch bracelets do show wear, so if you buy it, just be a tad more cautious like I will. The watch is incredibly light for it’s size, and that was worth having a few extra scratches occur.
    Thanks for the question!

  • William S Lerner

    nateb123 I have to agree. It looks like nothing else on the market, and the design elements, colors and textures are elegantly harmonious.

  • Piero

    Hi, I have an Omega Seamaster 300 m and my girlfriend has an Oris Aquis and I have to say that the quality of Oris is really great. Moreover the movement in the Oris Aquis is the same as the Titan in the review, the Sellita SW 200-1, and in a month it has gained only six seconds… So very precise. Rolex and Omega probably are offering more quality that you cannot immediately see, but you are also paying for it (quite a lot) .

  • rich1983

    why did you not think about a tudor pelagos? I am about to get this and now I am thinking perhaps the Oris?

  • William S Lerner

    Hi Rich,
    I did not enter the Tudor Pelagos into the pool of possible watches, because it was not widely available at the start of the process. I think a review of a watch that sounds ideal and is not available is frustrating. Watch acquisition should be fun, and the purchase should be readily available.
    The Tudor Pelagos is a great watch, with an ingenious spring extension clasp. I also think it is a great value, considering the construction, and quality. As a collector, I try to choose watches that are unique, and unlike anything I may have. The Pelagos follows the tried and true “Rolex Submariner” style. There are a multitude of watches out there in every price range that are very similar. The Oris I choose, looks like nothing else on the market.
    I hope this explanation helps!

    Thanks for your question,

  • William S Lerner

    Hi Rich,
    The Tudor Pelagos was not included, because it was not readily available at the start of the process. What is worse than reading about a watch, that you think is just right, and not being able to get it? I think that is frustrating, and buying a watch should be a fun experience, and offer instant gratification, if possible!
    The Tudor Pelagos is a great choice. It is beautifully designed, and a great value considering the quality, construction and the fact that it is a Rolex relative. It is of course, far more expensive than the Oris. It’s design language is similar to the Rolex Submariner, and there are so many watches that used the Submariner as the design inspiration. The Oris I choose, looks like nothing else, and I do like the polished titanium features.
    Ariel’s review of the Pelagos watch:
    I just “Googled” the watch, and there is no direct hit to purchase the watch at retail, or any other way for that matter..  All that comes up are pre-owned models.
    Thanks for the question, and I hope my answer helped!

  • spiceballs

    Bit big for my taste nevertheless a very nice-looking watch and IMO good choice for the money – for you.  Nice review too, thx

  • William S Lerner

    If you do like the watch, I would suggest going to see it. It wears closer to a 45-46 MM. The dial is small for the overall size and the curves make it appear smaller.
    Thanks for the comment, and I am not sure if I should address you as Spice, or Mr. Balls.

  • Ryan B

    It kinda resembles the Seiko Black Monster. Nice bracelet although I wouldn’t mind seeing it a few mm wider.

  • William S Lerner

    Ryan B  
     Hi Ryan,
     I had a similar reaction when I saw the watch! I like bracelets that do not taper, as a general rule. I then looked at the 51mm Pro Diver. It has a larger bracelet in the same style and it would have overpowered the watch, in my opinion. I think they had to compromise.
    Thanks for the comment!!!

  • spiceballs

    William S Lerner spiceballs 
    Ha, Spice will do fine, thx.  So where’s Lowe?

  • William S Lerner

    spiceballs William S Lerner  
    Hi Spice,
     I don’t know what the “Lowe” refers to? Sorry for my ignorance! Please let me know. Thanks!

  • spiceballs

    William S Lerner spiceballs 
    ummm – – – Lerner & Lowe 🙂

  • William S Lerner

    spiceballs William S Lerner  
    Thanks for making me feel like a moron! I wish…Then I could buy every watch the blog has reviewed….

  • pls2k

    Great Review…!
    I always have had a great fascination for Oris Divers watches.  In fact my first watch (in the 4 digits price tag) was the Oris TT1 MEISTERTAUCHER REGULATEUR, which at first it seemed to be hard to read the time but after a day on my wrist, that small detail was not an issue at all.  I’ve had it for 10 years now and still running like new.   Need a new bezel that is as I bumped it against my door nob and left an awful scratch.
    Great brand with great designs… Thanks for sharing your post.

  • William S Lerner

     Thanks so much for the compliment. If your Oris was your first expensive watch, then it is clearly very special to you. There is only one Oris Authorized Service Center in the US. I would suggest you contact them and see how much the bezel is. Why, well you can fall in love all over again, and Oris guarantees that parts will remain in production for ten years after the last production date. Even if you just buy the part, it will give you peace of mind.
    The Watchmaker 
    379 Main Street
    Stoneham, MA 02180
    Tel.: 781-438-6977
    24 hour answering service
    Fax: 781-438-6954

  • William S Lerner

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    Please follow me at: williamslerner at both, and of course, on ABTW!

  • I will definitly follow up on Twitter

    for my watch website

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