Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great “Pick Up Line” In New Ad Campaign

Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great “Pick Up Line” In New Ad Campaign

Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great "Pick Up Line" In New Ad Campaign Watch Industry News

Given the status that Patek Philippe holds in the watch community, I can safely hold them to a very high standard - even in their marketing. Starting in August of 2010, Patek Philippe will roll out a new advertising campaign for its womens watches. Watch advertising is crucially important because they make important value propositions to consumers, as well as communicate essential branding information that relates to how people perceive brands and luxury watches over all. Given that, I find it hilarious when I see an ad that makes me think about having a three-way.

Which is exactly what Patek Philippe's new slogan (as presented here) sounds like a pick up line for. Not just any three-way, but an inter-generational one. "Hey mom, daughter... don't you agree that something truly precious holds its beauty forever? Can I interest you two in some Champagne?" Which in the ad is proceeded by the mother and daughter clutching hands while they giggle abruptly and exchange glances. Sure they'll have the champagne.

Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great "Pick Up Line" In New Ad Campaign Watch Industry News

To further me gently incestuous message, Patek Philippe even clarifies, "the focus of the visual is on the special intimacy that mothers and daughters share." Damn straight it is. Is this a product of a sick mind or a reasonable interpretation of the ad. To be fair, most of the other "Something truly precious holds its beauty forever" ads aren't as suggestive - but to me, this one is. Maybe that is what Patek is going for? A little flirty and naughty to sell luxury women's watches. On the other hand, my mere suggestion of this might make Mr. Stern (CEO of Patek Philippe) flip out, forbid all marketing communication to and anything else that Ariel Adams writes for, and pull the ads. Which of course, would be freakin' hilarious. Sadly, I don't think Patek has that sense of humor. If you like, you can actually check out some more of the ads in this campaign here.

Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great "Pick Up Line" In New Ad Campaign Watch Industry News

The campaign itself is the brainchild of the Leagas Delaney agency. Apparently a lot of research was conducted before the campaign was brought to fruition. Apparently enough people believe that Patek needed to be sexed up a bit. The above ad is really the jewel of their efforts in my opinion. The slogan itself needs a place in advertising history for impressive sounding statements that mean nothing at all. No doubt the campaign, including the other ads will resonate with consumers. Not in a seriously cerebral way, but it will serve its function with the female demographic. And now I can finally say... "you never actually own a Patek Philippe watch, you simply hold on to it until you can pass it along to the next generation after an awkward night of reminding them of how beautifully precious they are."

  • Well dude, that’s one daring post – I’ll be really interested to see, from a social media angle, if Patek takes the time to address your analysis and subsequent conclusions here on the blog! 🙂


  • pat i.


    How about a slogan contest?

    • Let’s go for it. What would you have it say?

  • WatchMark

    There are three typos in your first paragraph.

    1- “Starting in August of 2010, Patek Philippe will roll out….” (correction: “will roll” should be replaced with “rolled”

    2- “Watch advertising is crucially important because they make important value propositions to consumers….”
    (correction: “they make” should be replaced with “it makes” or reword sentence)

    3- “Given that, I find it hilarious when I seen an ad…”
    (correction: “seen” should be replaced with “see”)

  • Simeon Weinraub

    WOW, this is a great idea!!! I even know which Kanye West song they should license for the ad campaign:

    Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger
    But she ain’t messin’ wit no broke …

  • Bjorn Gest

    LOL.. big like to the both of you 🙂

  • PAT.I

    I’m not wearing any panties…AND NEITHER IS SHE!! Where’s my drink?

  • Ed

    I don’t see it. Actually, to be more accurate, I *wouldn’t* have seen it without first reading your interpretation. But now it’s like being asked “Don’t think about a pink elephant.”

    Also, to break down your pick-up scenario a bit, it’s not like you could get *both* of them to go up to your hotel room by just giving *one* of them a watch, even a Patek Philippe–that would be insulting! You’d have to give the other one, at a minimum, a bracelet or necklace . . .

    I’m not going to try to get too deep into how your brain works, but sometimes a watch ad is just a watch ad.

  • Andres

    Ariel this is one ballsy post! JAJA enjoyed it alot.

  • Marcus

    Think you just missed it. The entire fathers passing on watches to sons motif has practically been owned as a marketing too by this company. Bundling the watch, with a ring and earrings, for a mother to want to pass on to a daughter is a great move. “The jewelry I want my daughter to have..” is an important thought to wealthy mothers with family heirlooms. That has not really included watches. Now it reminds them that it does. Daughter wearing watch in ad, compare with the father son ones; about the same.

  • I believe Mr. Adams has finally found the wonderful medicinal dispensaries that far more prominent in our shared home town of San Francisco than luxury watch dealers.

    Absurdity aside – I’ve found it very strange that Patek now advertises its watches on every street corner of downtown San Francisco. It’s hard to equate the brand with heirloom jewelry when you see a bum urinating upon its image.

    • Those ads are cooperations between Shreve & Co. and Patek Philippe. They are common, and done often with urges by a local retailer to a brand to help with local sales.

  • John

    I think it looks like the women are laughing at someone’s suggestion.

  • Jae

    Were you sorta drunk when you posted this?

  • Alonso Quijano

    I see a precious woman whose beauty will hold forever in her descendants.