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Sometimes you just want a good reptile skinned watch, but they can be so hard to find. Why? Well us Americans get kind of bent out of shape about it. Yes, I am all for Animal rights. Frankly I would put Animals above humans in many regards, but when it comes to animals that are raised, just to be killed for their “parts,” sure it is cruel, but it is not really damaging to the environment. It would be different if you had guys going out into the jungle to kill pythons just for their skin. That would be bad, really bad. But when you farm the creatures for it? Well then if you are against that, then you are against eating chickens (cause they are raised just to be killed too).  I am now expecting a slew of angry e-mails and comments. Proceed please, I did put myself out there with the “I love sweet, sweet animal skins” commentary.

And on to the watch, this swell looking Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm. Why “Wild?” Why not?! I has to do with the materials that these watches in this specific collection from the Technograph watches have on them. All natural items. Here it is snake skin. Used for the strap, as well as the dial – now that is something I’ve not yet seen before. You MUST wear boots with watches like this (at least most of the time). In fact, I will lead you to a previous article that I wrote about snake skin watches here when talking about the Yonger & Bresson watches. Every time I look at the images of that article it cracks me up. Maybe you share my humor? At least I can make myself laugh.

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There are several versions of the Technograph Wild watch, even in python skin. This is the gray version, or otherwise known as that Ref. P0334-2Q.SG.L3201. The watch has an interesting automatic chronograph movement. It can measure up to 30 minutes, and uses the right subdial for the chronograph minutes. Although the dials are partially covered, the dial uses a double sided hand, that is longer on one side. That way the same half of the subdial can be used for two purposes based on the length of the hand following it. Get it? This is the same for the time seconds subdial on the left side. The watch face is in the center of the dial, and smaller. The chronograph seconds hand is the largest hand on the face, and uses the whole dial. The watch also has a date complication. Overall a very attractive design if you ask me.

The case is 44mm wide (like I said) and in steel. There are sapphire crystals on the front and rear of the watch (AR coated on the face), with a very nicely decorated movement for the money. Not exactly sure who makes the movement. ETA, or Soprod, or alike. With 100 meters of water resistance, the watch is rugged, but you don’t want to engage in water sports with it given the lizard strap that might not fare too well to prolonged water exposure. Price for the watch? A relatively reasonable $5,800 on James List right now.

See this Paul Picot Technograph Wild 44mm watch available on James List here.

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