At 38mm thick this is a modestly sized Altiplano model and offered in 18k white gold. I have a feeling that Piaget will exclusively offer the Altiplano 38mm 900P in white gold for 2014, though it is possible that when seeing the watch at SIHH they will offer a few other colors or materials. Though based on their history, it is entirely possible that we won’t see other versions until 2015 at the earliest.

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It is easy to be entranced by the allure of ultra-thin. A true such watch is extremely gratifying both visually and on the wrist. Those who frequently wear shirts with long sleeves will never have an issue with the watch sliding under with ease. There is also the joy that comes from being able to see but perhaps not feel your wristwatch. Today’s timepieces are large and we love them, but they are less than inconspicuous and we need to be regularly mindful of them. When you wear a very thin watch you can start to do things you may have not have done while wearing other larger watches. Such as typing, which I am doing right now with my watch sitting on the desk.


According to Piaget the Altiplano 38mm 900P required three years to develop and will begin to trickle out in probably late 2014. If you love it then you’ll have to wait as Piaget is known for taking their time with the production of their finest Altiplano watches. The question is, what is the right Altiplano Ultra-Thin for you? If you require the absolute thinnest then this is perhaps the right watch for you. Though other 38mm wide Altiplano models aren’t exactly portly if you get my meaning.

In 2010 Piaget released what is still my favorite Altiplano. That was the Altiplano 43 Automatic (hands-on here), and is still the thinnest automatic watch on the market at just 5.25mm thick with the 1208P movement. I also happen to like its 43mm wide size quite a lot. Then there is a watch sized in the middle between the two. In 2013 Piaget released the Altiplano Date 40mm Ultra-Thin (see how “Ultra-Thin” made its way into the name by this point) that is 6.36mm thick with the 1205P movement. Each of these pieces each have different thicknesses, but they will wear in a similarly svelte manner. The choice for you is just how thin you want to go, what features you are the most interested in, and what size (in diameter) you feel looks the best on your wrist. In any event, it is difficult not to recommend the elegance and impressive technical achievements of this and other Piaget Altiplano watches for those interested in timepieces of this character. Price for the Altiplano 38mm 900P will likely be in the range of about $25,000.

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