ABTW: Much of what you are doing is adding your art style to existing watches and sometimes creating a story around them. Have you considered making unique designs as well? What would they be like?

Eerune: Naturally I’m prone to looking at a lot of watches and I see a lot of ideas for new designs. I like to sketch out ideas for fun. A new watch design project “A Step to Watchmaking” will be announced, which you can look forwards to soon.

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ABTW: What is SUBURB201 and what do you normally do?

Eerune: SUBURB201 is currently operating a small studio, and there’s a group of people who help out too. I mainly do the illustration and design. Currently, I am doing illustrations for a restaurant here in Seoul. I also design toys as an artist here in Korea, and in early May I will take part in a large-scale exhibition. I do what any other watch nerd normally does, I read magazines, blogs, and occasionally do some “watch sightseeing.” In my spare time I draw illustrations for books as well.


ABTW: There really isn’t that much “watch art” out there, why is that do you think? Are there just not that many highly inspired watch nerds who are also artists or is it something else?

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Eerune: Haha. It seems that you’re right. I thought of this when I first started. I was hoping to find watch art, but couldn’t find any, so I figured to why not start it myself.


ABTW: What is next for you and where do you plan on taking your watch-inspired art?

Eerune: This project can move in any way. I would like for my work to be exhibited. I am currently preparing a collaboration project with some furniture artist which will be released soon. I would like to design some product ideas for clocks, window displays, etc… I do not know. One day, my ultimate goal is create a real timepiece that I have designed myself.

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