Pierre Kunz O001 SR Belle Epoque watch

This is really nice, and a great use of Pierre Kunz’s iconic square column sided case. Without trying too hard, Pierre Kunz has developed a watch in the O001 SR (yes, the letter “O” then two zeros and a one) that takes everything loved about Belle Epoque and art deco and integrated it into a watch face with a retrograde small seconds display. Pierre Kunz is straight forward that the thematic influence behind the O001 SR watch is the Chrysler building, especially the retrograde seconds, which is taken straight from the top of one of New York City’s most recognizable building facades.

Belle Epoque was the name for an artistic and style movement that existed mostly in Europe from the about 1874-1915. I think of it sort of as a precursor to art deco. It embodies much of the same futuristic themes and symbols, but has a more classic and natural look. The Arabic numeral in the watch are a pure Belle Epoque font. The hands, which are telescopic looking are pure art deco, and the two artistic/architectural styles are seamlessly combined in this timepiece.

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Chrysler Building Top la belle epoque

The classic-looking timekeeper comes in gray gold,  red gold,  platinum. All pretty price metals. If you ask me, the gray gold looks pretty nice (similar to white gold, only more gray…duh). There are two choices for the dial which are a geometrical silver-plated or black galvanic dial with fine-brushed sun decoration. The alligator strap is pretty dashing in a honey brown color, but is also available in a darker chocolate brown or black tone. Inside the watch is an automatic calibre PK 2001-1520 movement. Probably a based ETA movement with a retrograde modification for the seconds dial, and 42 hours of power reserve. The case itself is 41mm wide, but that is rather large for a square case, which is good! Of course it has a sapphire crystal It is only water resistant to 30 meters, but this really isn’t much of a sports watch. I like the simple head nod to both art deco and Belle Epoque styles here, without over doing it. It is a fine example of artistic watch perfection from Pierre Kunz who is known well for such model types.

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