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The full line of Spanish Pita Barcelona watches are now available on James List. This includes the fascinating and highly character rich Pita Carousel. At first glace the watch is certainly unique, but you might not fully understand this bespoke creation. Each Pita Carousel watch is totally customizable – and made to order. The watch is 40mm wide  (just 8mm thick) and available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. There is also the option of getting one in 950 platinum. The Carousel watch has its name for good reason. This is because the movement is visible right through the dial and spins around (like a carousel). The movement spins as it tells the time. Thus the movement rotates on its own axis. The watch is known as a 12 hour hand watch. Meaning it has just one hand that moves around the dial once each 12 hours. The hand itself does not move, but rather it is attached to the movement that is what moves.

Pita really likes crownless cases, and the Carousel is a good example of this concept in execution. A design developed by Pita makes the case back of the watch the crown. Meaning you turn it to adjust the time. I believe the Pita-002 movement is manually wound. While it uses parts Pita gets, they designed the movement and really make it their own. Nothing like it out there. Look closely at the dial and you can see the many ball bearings that the watch movement spins on.

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In addition to choosing the case material, there are a number of hand and dial options available. This means you can choose colors the style of indicators, etc…  Of course you choose the proper alligator strap as well. Really a ton of options at your disposal from one of the hottest independent watch makers today. The whole watch is hand made by Pita in Spain (Barcelona).

Pita Carousel watch 2 Pita Carousel watch 1

It can take a little while to get used to 12 hour hand watches. You’ll notice that they follow a precise indicator path making it not so hard to read the time. Some people even think it is easier than a two hand approach. Each indicator is placed 10 minutes apart. This isn’t an ideal watch if you need too the minute precision (but in Spain who does?). However, it s a great style for when you want something more casual with a lot of hand-made character and a clean, classic looking dial. Because there aren’t many Spanish watch makers that I am familiar with, it is hard to recognize a “Spanish” style. The look reminds me of a mixture of Italian and Bauhaus design watches. The  crownless look and solid lugs give the watch a very simple and inviting look. You can get dials that go from “instrument like” to quite minimalist. Pita is really nice about working with individual clients to achieve what is best for them. These are of course “luxury” watches, and such close attention from the makers is expected. Price isn’t cheap, but it is much less than what you would expect from dealing directly with most Swiss or even German independent watch makers. The Pita Carousel prices ranges of course, but is in the $20,000 range for the pictured version. Of course platinum will cost you more (though I really like the watch in gold).

See this Pita Carousel watch on James List here where you can contact Pita Barcelona to make one for you.

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