Porsche Design is one of my favorite watch brands. Yes, that list might be long, but there is a good reason for these guys to be on it. First of all they have a history of trying to make nice modern watches. There aren’t too many brands out there that I can suggest who have a history of doing that (well). Porsche Design has also been an innovator in terms of design and materials. Last, Porsche Design knows who to work with to make the best watches. In the past it was brands like IWC and Orfina, and for the last long while it has been Eterna.

Plus, if there was ever a firm that doesn’t laud their connection to a famous car company it is Porsche Design. It is true that they are not the same company, but they are familially related. There are only clever and slick connections to the cars rather than loud and distracting marketing statements about that fact. What you have are model names like “Dashboard” and a few others that directly relate to Porsche models, and things like automatic rotors that are meant to look like wheels. These products are 100% distinct from Porsche cars and the automotive world if you wish to view it in that way.

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Anyhow, for review this time around is the beautiful looking Porsche Design P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph watch. I first discussed the collection here after checking out more of the models. Seen here it is in PVD black coated titanium with a full bracelet. This is just how I like it. This watch does come with rubber or leather strap options as well, but if you can avoid those I highly recommend going for the bracelet. Why? Well first of all Porsche Design does bracelets really well. They are not only well-engineered but go with the look of the cases wonderfully. Watches like this are meant to be on a bracelet. In this case the bracelet also feels amazing.

The black coating over the titanium on the case and bracelet is done via PVD and no one I know does it better than Porsche Design. I have discussed this before, and will reiterate that the application they do makes for a velvet soft matte sandblasted texture that is really high-end feeling. Of course the watch is also available in naked titanium.

The piece wears large for a 44mm wide watch (water resistant to 100 meters). This is due to the very thick bracelet – a look that I personally have come to like a lot. Probably the best aspect of the watch is the case design. Not only does it integrate very well into the design of the bracelet, but it is also comfortable and stylish. I like the large chronograph pushers and textured crown. The detailing is great and it made me realize something. While there are brands that do both well, I have found that much of the time a brand that does cases well doesn’t do movements well (or at all), and many brands that make wonderful movements have boring watch cases by comparison. Those that do both well are rare and treasured. Porsche Design doesn’t make their own movements (well there is the Porsche Design Indicator) but they know how to make a 7750 look friggin’ amazing.

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Inside the P’6620 is the 7753 version of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph. It is basically the same movement with a different layout. I don’t however like that there is an inset case pusher to adjust the date. That never seemed necessary to me with these movements. Flip the watch over and you’ll see the highly decorated movement through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback window. Look at all the perlage and those blued-steel screws. The custom rotor is on ceramic ball bearings and has such a cool BBS style wheel design. They just know how to make the 7753 look like a million bucks.

The dial of this watch took a while to grow on me. At first I found it a bit bare and the hands too short. Interestingly enough it did grow on me. I still think that the hands could be a bit longer, but the watch has proven to be very legible with the prominent indexes and highly visible hands. It is a minimalist look for sure, but everything works properly and easily. You won’t complain about night viewing or chronograph registers that are hard to read. There is a fair amount of SuperLumiNova on the dial, and even the chronograph subdials are lume covered. Check out the super minimalist tachymeter scale.

This watch has not only a sloped chapter ring but also a rehaut. A rehaut is raised part of the dial that is right under the crystal. On that rehaut are the hour markers and it helps give the watch dial a distinct and deep look. I really rather like it when it grew on me. The dial is covered with a domed sapphire crystal with AR coating.

As a producer of modern minimalist watches that never sacrifice function and always have a bit of flair, Porsche Design is a winner. Their watches are produced by Eterna, and it is good to see that relationship continuing strong. Around the world the Porsche Design brand has a good name, and for good reason. The thoroughly modern P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph watch is a fine timepiece for daily wear. I think resolute collector’s might not always take the brand as seriously as they could, but this is a strong timepiece from a brand with a great history in that department. Price is about $5,800.

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