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“Everything must go! Deals! Deals! Deals! Robert Lighton has be committed due to criminally insane deep discounting! For legal reasons we can’t stop the sale so take advantage of it right now for the accountants burn down the store for the insurance money!  [readers, please take all that in jest as it was intended] Yes, I can hear it now… the silly commercials, and marketing copy that gets you excited about the sales, and all the rest of the hoopla. That applies to most sales, but sometimes you get something really good. This is one of those times.

Robert Lighton New York has had a line of nice watches for a while. Apparently that will cease to be the case as they are closing that side of the business (I blame poor marketing and distribution). Thus, they are closing out their inventory – and the sale is incredible with 55-75% off already fair retail prices. I was fortunate to learn about the sale from my friend at FratelloWatches, who learned about the sale before me. I don’t know how many of the watches are left, but there is a nice selection to look from.

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Most of the watches are automatics with Soprod movements specially made for Robert Lighton. The styles are all classic, and you can get watches in gold (or white gold), and in sterling silver for under $2,000. That’s right! The timepieces are for men and women, and there are also lots of watches with precious gem set bezels. The shapes are all classic, and the components of the watches are good quality including sapphire crystals, and leather or alligator straps.


My favorites include the stainless steel Robert Lighton San Remo model with an automatic movement for just $650, and the Algonquin in in a sterling silver case with diamonds for just $1,975 with an automatic movement. For the ladies, the Gramercy line of horizontally oriented tonneau cases with tapered straps is really well done (and jewel set bezels), for $1,200 – about $3,400. A good collection of nice watches with classic appointments, for great prices. The brand likes to boast that some popular celebrities are wearing their watches, but really, it is the style of the watches that do it for me. Something about classic looking blued steel hands that just never gets old.

The sale is “ongoing” until they run out presumably. It looks like Robert Lighton is simply closing up their watch line and needs to move the rest of the unsold inventory. Asking how you can take advantage of the sale? Well if you are in the New York City area, you can go over to 150 East 58th Street, Third Floor, in New York City (phone 212-343-2299). Or you can probably e-mail them at watches[at symbol] To learn more about the watches and for most information you can click here.

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