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In operation since 1999, Prestige Time has served as one of the most trusted names in online watch sales for nearly two decades. After initially delivering a selection of strictly new and unworn pieces, Prestige Time recently began offering a range of certified preowned watches together with a value-focused trade in program. However, much like the quality of their service, Prestige Time seeks to offer only the best possible examples in their preowned stock – while consistently delivering products with full accompanying box sets and documentation. To showcase their dedication, Prestige Time would like to present three very special preowned Vacheron Constantin timepieces, in stock and currently available with box sets and either full or partial documentation.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tonneau Tourbillon 30066/000r-8816

The Malte Tonneau Tourbillon might be one of the most visually interesting watches ever produced by Vacheron Constantin. It possesses a unique combination of simplicity, high-end decoration, and mechanical complexity. Although the dial may appear intimidating at first, a closer look reveals a very basic layout indicating just the time, date, and power reserve. This specific example comes in an 18k rose gold case with a sunray dial pattern and a simple black alligator strap.

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The movement inside is the VC 1790, a manually wound in-house caliber with 45 hours of power reserve. It is specifically manufactured to fit the Malte Tonneau Tourbillon’s exquisite case shape and there is a fair bit of decoration visible from the caseback side. A significant portion of the tourbillon cage is also visible from both sides, making this a real conversation piece for anyone interested in admiring the inner workings of a beautifully crafted watch. Price for the Vacheron Constantin Malte Tonneau Tourbillon at Prestige Time is $60,000 USD.

Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1952 Triple Date Moonphase 47300/000g-9064

Another very special watch (which is not stereotypically modern “Vacheron”) is the Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1952 Triple Date Moonphase. The design itself is derived from the famed Ciccolatone time-only variant debuted in the ’50s, but with a very useful and legible triple date/moonphase layout. This particular example captures both the utilitarian elegance and attention to detail Vacheron is known for with a hefty 18k white gold 35.7mm case. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the cambered case with multiple curved, stepped layers that add a great deal of comfort to the wearing experience.

The movement itself is based on the JLC caliber 891 and delivers 40 hours of power reserve. As seen above, the watch also comes with the entire box set and complete documentation. It has recently been factory serviced and also comes with a soft, black alligator strap with a white gold Maltese cross buckle. Price for the Vacheron Constantin Toledo 1952 Triple Date Moonphase at Prestige Time is currently $20,000 USD.

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Vacheron Constantin Malte Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 47112/000p-8915

For the final model reviewed here, Prestige Time is happy to present a bold and very wearable perpetual calendar sports chronograph: the Vacheron Constantin Malte Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 47112/000p-8915. Manufactured with a 39mm platinum case the watch provides a hefty, yet comfortable fit that is modern and versatile. Much of this is due to the characteristic Malte lugs that provide balance and excellent visual proportions. Best of all, the dial itself is simple and displays the full range of information expected from a perpetual calendar chronograph without any unnecessary visual clutter.

Turning the watch over reveals a hunter style caseback that allows for an easy view of the manually wound movement. This one in particular is the Caliber 1141QP (base Lemania 2310). Many regard the perpetual calendar chronograph as a pinnacle in watchmaking and it’s easy to feel that way with this specific timepiece – especially when actuating the smooth, column wheel chronograph mechanism. Like other preowned models at Prestige Time, this example comes with full documentation and the entire box set. Price for this example of the Malte Perpetual Calendar Chronograph in platinum is $65,000 USD.

For even more exceptional watches (and preowned stock) be sure to explore the entire range of luxury watches available at Prestige Time. All watches are guaranteed to be 100% genuine with serials numbers intact, always. Additionally, Prestige Time is located in Airmont, New York and welcomes visitors by appointment. prestigetime.com

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