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Chrono24.com’s Private Client Advisor watch shopping service has been quietly unveiled in the United States market. Germany-based Chrono24 — a major marketplace for luxury watches — has debuted its human-centric personal shopping service in Europe. Private Client Advisors are veteran FHH-certified Chrono24 team members who can personally handle the nuances of watch transactions over a particular price point ($13,000 USD in the United States), can assist in locating variations of sought-after particular luxury wristwatches above the $13,000 price point, and can provide additional information on a given model.

The Private Client Advisor service is simultaneously being launched in both the United States and Hong Kong — another major market for Chrono24 users. The large Internet platform connects individual wristwatch buyers with a large network of other individuals, as well as private dealers who list watches for sale. Chrono24 is one of the world’s largest platforms for watch sales, with about 500,000 listed quality timepieces on the website at any given time. Chrono24 specializes in a robust dealer-vetting process, offering considerable protection to buyers who are in the market to purchase an expensive timepiece they have probably not handled in real life.

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Chrono24’s Trusted Watch Selling & Buying Platform

Chrono24 buyer features already include its celebrated “Buyer Protection” icon to more than 90+% of the watches on their platform. The suite of protections includes a combination of dealer vetting, analysis of average-value trajectories for any given watch model, and a host of escrow services and post-sale tracking to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction and safety — regardless of price point. Chrono24.com is easily the most robust and full-featured platform of its kind, dedicated exclusively to the purchase and sale of fine timepieces.

Chrono24’s Private Client Advisors are an FHH-certified, hand-picked team of luxury watch specialists, dedicated to servicing luxury requests of investment-level timepieces above $13,000.  Chrono24 also maintains its 50-person-plus customer service team available to all watch shoppers, available to communicate in 22 languages. The marketplace has customer service options suited for watch enthusiasts of all levels – from watch buyer novices to seasoned collectors.

How Chrono24’s Private Client Advisor Service Works

Chrono24’s dedicated American office is leading the important launch of the Private Client Advisor service for the United States market. Here’s how watch lovers can take advantage of this exciting new service. While browsing on Chrono24.com for watches priced at $13,000 and up, users will be offered to connect with a Private Client Advisor. Customers can call the Private Client Advisors directly, or send a direct email, wherein a follow-up call or video chat can then be scheduled, offering users the rapid ability to speak with someone and leave the rest of the work to an expert. Private Client Advisors can explain the watch purchase process, assist in the acquisition of a currently listed Chrono24 watch, or even be trusted to look out for rare timepieces and hard-to-find collectibles.

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To browse the collection or connect with a Private Client Advisor today, visit the Chrono24 website here.

Also, watch lovers can visit for a special chance to win a $10,000 USD site credit to put toward their dream watch!  All you have to do is subscribe to the Chrono24 YouTube channel, and leave a comment in the comments section with your picks for the 5 different price categories mentioned in the video. Winner will be announced via social media, so stay tuned!

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