Project X Designs “Stealth” Customized Rolex Submariner Watch

Project X Designs “Stealth” Customized Rolex Submariner Watch

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

Since the media is on the topic, I am going to dedicate this post to Charlie Sheen. More specifically Charlie Sheen in the movie Platoon - because this set of watches from Project X Designs looks precisely like something his character would have worn in Platoon. See how nicely that works out? And since we know Charlie Sheen is a big time watch lover (and warlock), he would have likely happily worn one of these (good actor playing solider wears good watch acting to be soldiers' watch) . This watch is Project X Designs' latest Rolex mod called the Stealth Mk. III and Mk. IV. Which means there should have been a Mark I and II before it.

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

I last wrote about Project X Designs here. As you recall, they have no relationship with Rolex, but rather take new Rolex timepieces and perform various modifications on them. The results are usually very cool. Rolex modifiers are pretty common, but those who do it well are rare. The Project X Stealth watches are meant to hearken back to military Rolex Submariner (Mil-Sub) watches, and they look really kick-ass. Awful worn-torn Vietnam would have been just a bit better with one of these... don't you think?

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

As Project X Designs is from England, the watches are technically dedicated to the British Special Boat Service (SBS), specifically to watches issued to them from the 1950s - 1970s. The two versions of the watches offer slight differences and are based on the most modern Rolex Submariner Date watches. On the back of each of the watches is an engraving of the SBS logo - "By Strength and Guile." Now that is a kick-ass motto. So suave. The motto is written under the SBS logo which has a frog with wings and a parachute.

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

The Mark III watch is in steel with a black ceramic bezel insert. The dial has also been modified a bit. The Mark IV model is in all black steel and is amazing looking. The Stealth watches comes on khaki green NATO straps, and make you feel like just like a modern day Charlie Sheen. Wait no, a Platoon era Charlie Sheen. Yea, that makes more sense. Come to think of it, I think Charlie Seen needs to spend more time talking about his passion for watches. He is crazy and possibly a bit demented, but through all of it, he still frikkin loves watches!

Project X Designs "Stealth" Customized Rolex Submariner Watch Watch Releases

Project X Designs will offer only 28 pieces of each of these watches. Prices for the 28 pieces in the Stealth Mark III set is 8,750 British Pounds per watch, while the Stealth Mark IV is 9,950 British Pounds per watch. Pricey yes, but these are very limited and of a very high quality. If you want one you have to go to Project X Designs' website.

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  • kris c

    Do not want. $10k that comes on a piece of an old seatbelt. Nothing about this, aside from maybe the olive drab, says military to me. This is not 1967, so if you find yourself going into a situation like this and reach for anything other than a g-shock, you’ve made a mistake.

    Love Charlie in Platoon though. Great movie. Or was he a better soldier in Hot Shots!?

    • Pete

      Think you’ve kinda missed the point of these kris

      The mark 3 is nice and goes along with the current trend for crown guard-less rolexs, and although i realise the sbs would have worn these on natos, it would have been nice if project x would include a modified bracelet in the price aswell. shame they have fixed bars though.

      • kris c

        Nope, didn’t miss the point at all actually. To each thier own, and if I’m going to pony up $10k for a watch, I don’t want it to be nonsensical and hide in the shadows. I’d also like to think that I could get it serviced should there be a problem. Ever hear about a modded Rolex going in for service? Look it up.

      • Simeon Weinraub

        I have to agree with kris c. If you like the look of this watch, save $5K and slap a NATO strap on an explorer. I actually applaud treating a Rolex as a tool watch and not a luxury watch. But, this mod is for guys with too much money, who want to play soldier. My favorite aspect of this silly watch is the word “Stealth” stamped on the face. I am not sure if this is irony or douchery.

        • Andrew

          About ten years ago , I put my 1949
          Rolex Black Dial Oyster for a service
          e.g clean , check up etc , and what I got
          back looked the same externally , but
          the movement was Cannibalised , at the
          moment I have a great watchmaker who
          thankfully restored my watch back to health . Well the moral is what ever new limited edition time piece or any High end the first thing can it be work on by your watchmaker ,
          Thank You Everyone.
          This is my first opinion on this site….

  • Omid

    Regularly dissenting, it seems… you don’t like it, move on.

  • Ulysses

    Normally I find Rolex models to be terribly bland – the generic luxury watch that every nouveau riche can name and lusts after, just as Coke is “the” cola everyone recognises, though obviously not the best. This watch is one of the few they make that I find really attractive. The first one pictured is the one I prefer; nice case shape, sturdy looks and not pretentious in any way. The price, however, is clearly dictated by the “but hey, we’re ROLEX!” strategy of marketing.

  • pat I.

    This watch is hitting it’s target (if crowded) market.

    99% of the population I see hanging out at bertuccis, Red Stone Grill and PF Chang’s would opt for something like this – the ones that get “confit” confused with “combat”.
    They wear diving/military watches because hey – you never know you have to fish around for the cherry in your drink. 10K watches are good for that sort of thing.

    This is no different than the side splitting ad Zenith had not to long ago with the flight suit clad male model (complete with perfect stubble and tousled “just played football on the beach with the Kennedys” hair) walking away from a SR71 Blackbird and wearing some contraption on his wrist that had 3 tourbillons, 6 dials and a compartemnt for breath mints (imported).

    I’m sure most of the folks who were wetting themselves over this watch couldn’t fit a first class seat let alone a jet fighter. Like I said – I’ve seen these folks. When they board a plane with me I start to doubt the very physics of air travel.

    (rim shot, please)

  • witch watch

    Personally i love the look of these but i do wonder why Project X took the decision to show photoshopped pics of these rather than finished articles?

    Oh and Ariel are you pitching to be Charlie’s spokesman lol!

  • witch watch

    Kris interesting comments given that Milsub 5510 aka the ‘Bond’ came without the crown guard, this watch is obviously homages this, the olive drab was iirc normally seen on military issued watches of the 70’s thus imo has military looks at least. As for the Gshock you do know that the Navy Seals are issued with JLC’s?

  • Actually if you look at the pic you’ll see it is only a concept photoshop mockup.

  • Kamal Choraria

    Projext X, what does it mean? Apes in Space? His designes are flawed. Why would an SBS unit wear a watch with a Black Out Insert??? He needs to stop and go back to stealing others companies designs and business model.

  • shinytoys

    Just don’t give it to Charlie…he might try and snort it…

  • Andrew

    I am a fan of Charlie Sheen , there is a saying “Any Publicity Is Better,Than No Publicity”.
    I really like The Rolex Project X both models , how are they being sold , I would sure like
    to purchase a set …

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  • John

    What case did they use to Mod this Project X Submariner without the crown guard? Explorer Case?

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  • Yaser al hashimi

    No comment 100/100

  • TomasinaCovell

    Do you have the crownguardless, non-stealth version review, that’s the one I like the most, I think Daniel Craig got one?

  • TomasinaCovell

    @John I love that one too.  I think it’s a case just like a 16610, or much like it, only with the crown guards removed and the sides are lightly brushed instead of polished.  Maxi dial and hands etc, but without drilled lugs.  My No. 2 choice of them all would be the exact softened and low look of the 16800.