Temption CGK203 watch on eBay

You are in luck! One of my favorite watches (that I happen to own) is available on eBay right now. If I didn’t already have this watch, I’d most likely not inform you and try to get it myself. This is a rare Temption CGK203 watch that I reviewed here. Temption is a German based watch company that makes about 700 watches a year last I checked. Their Stuttgart headquarters welcomes guests and their new model, the Cameo has been totally sold out well into 2009. Like a few before it, this is a watch company that is able to do a lot correctly and focuses on extremely functional and attractive watches. I will not be surprised to see increased attention to Temption in the future.

The CGK203 watch is probably their most popular watch. It combines a classic look that they perfected in the late 1990s and kept into production until the early 2000s. Only 1100 CGK203 watches were ever made, so you can imagine that aren’t available very often. This particular model features the gold plated movement, which is the most desirable in my opinion, and is visible through the sapphire crystal caseback.

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Temption CGK203 watch on eBay Temption cgk203 watch rear

There is not much I can say about the Temption CGK203 that I have not said before. You can read everything I have written about the watch line here. In summation, it is an extremely flexible watch with a hardy and complication rich ETA automatic Valjoux 7751 movement. Based on the popular Valjoux 7750, this movement displays: time, day, date, month, moonphase, synchronized 24 hour hand, and has a 12 hour chronograph. There is really nothing to be disappointed about in my humble opinion.

The pictured model is available right now on eBay. As is the case with every Temption CGK203 watch that I have seen available, they are in very good condition. Only serious watch lovers even know about the company, and typically take pride in taking immaculate care of their watches. Best of all, the eBay auction starts at $99, and is at about $165 right now. I can’t say what the price will end up at but for this little known watch, you’ll get a bargain for a great value that was about $4,000 brand new.

See Temption watches on eBay here.

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