About once a year or so, maybe less, a Temption CGK203 watch becomes available for purchase on the market. The good news is that people who own these watches tend to be serious watch lovers who treat the attractive German watches with the pride and care they deserve. That does not suggest that Temption watches are delicate. but rather that they attract a high caliber of collectors.

Well lucky for us, one is available on eBay right now. The Temption CGK203 is no longer made and went through a limited production of only 1100 pieces. Though there is an updated version, The Temption CGK204, these remain distinct watches that simply share the same movement, which is the highly complex ETA automatic Valjoux 7751. The 7751 is based on the popular Valjoux 7750, but added to the movement is a full calendar, moonphase, and 24 hour hand. It is one of the most feature rich movements out there, especially at the price. Better yet, Temption does an excellent job of making such an array of complications and information still very legible.

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Originally the Temption CGK203 went for well over $3000, this good condition model is starting at $2,000, which is an excellent price given that these watches are hard to get, at all. It is worth noting that this model has the special gold rotor and movement, which did not come on all models. Temption’s large and link-filled bracelet is one of the best out there. Quality steel is used throughout, and the bracelet is extremely comfortable. My own Temption CGK203 is of my favorite watches, which I reviewed favorably here. Do check out this very rare opportunity for a Temption watch at a reasonable price. Gotta love Temption, straight outta Stuttgart!

See Temption watches on eBay here.

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