RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews For example, the luminant on their watches comes from Ohio-based LUM-TEC - who makes "MDV" lume. Right now RedSea has two watch models called the Holystone and Six Pounder - so here is my review of the latter.

I can easily say that what RedSea offers impresses me. The price is right, the designs are fun, and they are cool to wear. There is a playful quality to the designs that is certainly masculine but also lighthearted. The difference between the two models is just the dials and hands. The case finishing might be different as well between the two. Each of the models are limited editions I believe, but as you can tell the version I am reviewing is a piece unique given a custom caseback. Now that is pretty cool.

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The image engraved on the back of the watch is really indicative of the piece's personality. As a pirate-themed brand, you can see RedSea's rendition of the skull and cross bones which is a diver's helm and swords. I would love to see a pirate wearing a diving helmet. Halloween idea coming to me now... undead zombie pirate diver. Yes!

Six Pounder is another name for cannon balls - which may or may not have been six pounds. The diving style case is 44mm wide and 14mm thick, but it does not wear too big. A lot of that has to do with the thick rotating bezel - which makes the dial look smaller than it is. The steel case also comes in a matte black PVD finish - which looks great with bezel and dial.

RedSea includes both NATO straps and a metal bracelet with their watches. While I am most certainly a metal bracelet kind of guy, I am love the Six Pounder with the red and black striped NATO strap. It looks pretty cool with the red and black tones on the dial. According to RedSea, any watch you buy will come with a metal bracelet, NATO strap, and rubber strap.

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The dial itself is very legible. I was not sure about the design of the hands when I first saw the watch a while ago. I thought that they might be strange to look at and read. Fortunately I was wrong, as the unique looking hands not only grew on me, but also proved easy to read. The spots on the hands are lume filled. As you can tell in the luminant used is blue - fitting with the trend of many modern divers that have passed up the traditional green lume for blue.

As a 300 meter diver the watch has a sapphire crystal and screw-down crown (placed at 4 o'clock). Even as a new brand RedSea got a lot of the little details correct. This includes a relatively refined dial and a black date disc to match the face. Feeling like a high quality watch, the only thing I would recommend is to see how they can improve the look of the bezel. This is nit-picky, but the bezel, while looking very nice, makes it clear that the ring is an insert. Most bezel rings are inserts, but the difference in plane levels between the outer bezel and the ring sort of disrupts the illusion. Really a tiny thing.

RedSea Six Pounder Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

On the wrist the Six Pounder is certainly comfortable. It is a nice mix between medium and large in size, and it is quite legible to read. The bold black and red colors are fun, not right for all occasions, but still cool. Inside the Six Pounder and Holystone watches are Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movements - which perform similarly to ETA 2824 movements. People might prefer a Swiss movements, but for the sub-$1000 price I am happy with the components. Price for the RedSea Six Pounder in steel is $665, and with the PVD black coating it is $695 - each available on RedSea's website.

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  • avdejesus

    This one…I Like! Like! Like!

  • Niels

    I find it somewhat strange that the winners of the watch giveaway are never mentioned by ablogtoread.. I think you’ll have far more comments if people can actually see who won the watche(s).. Just a suggestion 😉

  • Niels

    On topic: awesome watch, a pitty I didn’t win it 🙂

  • nateb123

    I’d give a crap if this watch didn’t look like a million others that have already jumped on the desk diving bandwagon years ago. Are we really still stuck on dive watches that ape 50 year old designs? Has no one else seen this constantly for years on end and finally felt the boredom that such an unimaginative watch brings? What is the point of saturating an already ludicrously over-saturated market for dull, poorly-designed (ahem, I’m sorry “understated” as has now become the euphamism) dive watches?

    I feel like Mubatu exposing that Zoolander only has one look. “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!”

    • While I don’t personally feel the same way you do I can understand where you are coming from. Some people have an eye for only the unique and most interesting. For them most other things look derivative. I used to be this way but they expanded my tastes more to notice more subtle differences between watches and the appeal therein.

    • Niels

      @nateb123 I sense a bit of criticism in your comment sir. This world would be so much better if all watches had perpetual calendars and triple flying tourbillions… Oh and if everyones monthly salary was 1.5 million $.

      • nateb123

        @Niels I didn’t even mention the movement of the watch at all. At this price point, I hardly care if it’s quartz or not. And yes I am criticizing. This is a joke. It’s like unveiling a car that looks like a 1995 Ford Taurus in 2012. This is so done to death it’s not even disappointing, it’s sad.

        What bothers me is that it’s a catalog case, catalog bracelet (if you go for metal) and looks overall, just, “catalog”. It’s generic, mass-produced and derivative. You can’t possibly tell me there aren’t literally dozens of watches that look like this with perhaps the SLIGHTEST of variations. I actually work with a company that uses that exact same bracelet with a different finish. I have seen that case in the catalog. I can guarantee you that RedSea probably just sent the specs out to China, got some pictures back, said “That one, but put these funny hands on it” and called it a day. This wasn’t designed. It was produced like a dishwasher.

        This is a level of laziness and lack of imagination that is only acceptable in the watch industry. And that’s unfortunate.

  • Kris C

    This was the best year yet for my custom strap making business, and of the 29 orders filled in December, 3 of them were for RedSea watches, including 2 six pounders. A customer was good enough to send me the watch to ensure the thick antique ammo pouch leather would fit, and I have to say that want one of these now, even though I generally avoid red at all costs. Nice weight, great wrist presence, and lugs deep enough to fit the heaviest of straps (and heavy straps compliment this very nicely). I would want this PVD version though, quite striking.

  • temfyg


  • DG Cayse

    It is now a collectors item….ABTW….price just went up!

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