If you buy watches via popular marketplaces online, you’ll want to know about a new service from a Dutch company called Relleb. Founded by two collector-enthusiasts who want to make buying watches online safer, Relleb’s debut product includes the Relleb Buying Protection Service — a service that is now available to watch buyers around the world.

Problem: Buying Pre-Owned Watches Online Can Be Unsafe

Relleb was founded in a world where timepiece purchases are increasingly moving to the Internet, including both the sale of new watches and that of pre-owned and vintage pieces. It is also true that the majority of seasoned collectors have at least a few stories about someone trying to mislead them out of money. Many have experienced attempts at outright fraud. Relleb can help you avoid these situations.

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The problem is that wristwatches tend to be inherently valuable items, and outside of personal honor and professional reputation, there aren’t many services available to consumers that help remove the inherent risk associated with buying a collectible or fine timepiece via the Internet.

Most pre-owned and vintage wristwatches are sold via marketplaces online that offer consumers an excellent source of selection — but not always assurances. With lots of product variety available comes associated risk. Even the most well-intentioned platforms can be populated with risky wristwatch listings that most consumers might not recognize to avoid, such as fake watches (especially with the emergence of “superfakes” that can be challenging to identify via pictures alone), stolen watches, damaged watches, or simply misidentified timepieces.

Remember that the available protection services offered by most existing wristwatch marketplaces help buyers to potentially reverse undesirable transactions, but so far, only Relleb actually helps prevent consumers from entering into unsafe transactions to begin with.

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The Solution: Relleb Buying Protection Service

Think of the Relleb Buying Protection Service as a concierge approach to purchasing a wristwatch remotely. For a modest fee, Relleb does the work and takes the risk. The service begins with you, the consumer, approaching Relleb and sharing a listing for a watch you are genuinely interested in purchasing. Relleb can act as your buying agent with watches available on marketplaces such as Chrono24, eBay, Etsy, and more.

Relleb responds to all inquiries and even informs users if Relleb doesn’t recommend proceeding with a particular watch purchase transaction. Relleb carefully examines each product listing submitted by buyers, then shares a detailed proposal for what the Relleb Buying Protection Services will cost — with zero obligation. Even though the Relleb Watch Authentication prices are set fees, the cost of insurance and product shipping can vary depending on the value of the watches, as well as the physical location of the buyer and seller. Relleb earns no profit from shipping and insurance costs, the price of which is passed on to clients without any markup.

The Relleb Watch Authentication service has a modest cost of 150 Euros + 1% of the value of the watch (that is about $180 USD plus 1% of the value of the watch). (Again, the price does not include insurance and secured shipping.) All the costs are laid out for the user in advance of completing the transaction.

For example, a particular watch costing $10,000 USD shipped to Los Angeles would be priced as follows. First is the Relleb Watch Authentication fee of $280 USD, which includes the $180 USD rate plus $100 USD which is 1% of $10,000 USD. Second would be $210 of insured shipping, first to the Relleb facility in Europe, and then an additional insured shipping route to  Los Angeles (shipping prices vary). This $10,000 USD watch would end up with a cost of just $10,490, including the complete Relleb Watch Authentication costs. The total cost estimates are delivered to buyers in advance of moving ahead with watch transactions so that nothing is hidden before the Relleb Buying Protection Service begins. On average, Relleb fees amount to only about 3.5% of the total value of the watch, which is highly competitive in the marketplace and unmatched for this level of human service.

Watch Authentication Process: Showing The Work

Relleb’s core mission is about promoting safety, peace of mind, and transparency when buying a wristwatch remotely. Accordingly, Relleb carefully documents the entire transaction process, as well as the Watch Authentication Service, by offering a detailed report to buyers. The report includes a detailed list of all the various checks and appraisal steps, as well as photographs of the watch, its condition, the movement, and even any available box and papers.

Relleb works with highly qualified professional watchmakers at its facility in The Netherlands. No matter where a watch being sold is located in the world, it can be safely shipped to the Relleb watch authentication location to participate in the Relleb Buying Protection Service. All funds delivered to Relleb are further stored in protected escrow accounts, with total assurances of transaction safety and accountability for Relleb’s valued customers.

Relleb’s completed Watch Appraisal reports are typically delivered to the buyer within one business day of receiving the watch from the seller. A “green light” from the friendly Relleb team means the transaction is approved and that the watch is safe for final, insured shipment to the buyer. For a modest fee, the Relleb Buying Protection Service can entirely remove the fear of expensive loss.

Watch Buying Comfort & Convenience By Putting Your Safety In Hands Of Professionals

Relleb’s founders designed the platform to protect the joy of purchasing watches. Hassles and headaches should not interfere with acquiring a celebrated new member of watch collection’s family. Relleb’s promise is the hands-on approach. That means a human is taking care of client needs from process start to finish, with full accountability and satisfaction guaranteed.

Look out for more information about Relleb’s own recently launched watch purchase marketplace soon. To make the Buyer Protection Service even more affordable, Relleb has also launched its own emerging safe-purchase pre-owned product sales platform that includes a free escrow checkout and 0% seller commission fees.

Relleb truly offers the most robust service of its type, protecting watch buyers from frauds, fakes, and flaws. Not sure about the authenticity or condition of a valuable watch? Concerned about your ability to spot what you are looking for? Do you want the convenience and comfort of a professional who is on your side helping to make sure your luxury watch purchase goes as intended? If so, contact Relleb and tell them about the watch you’ve been eyeing to purchase from an online watch marketplace.

aBlogtoWatch audience members get priority attention at Relleb. If you inquire about using a Relleb service using the link below, aBlogtoWatch readers will get a no-obligations quote within 24 hours! Learn more or get started at the Relleb website here.

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