The GT’s Movement

We had several options on the table when we were selecting the movement: 1) the Valjoux 7750, 2) the Seiko NE88, 3) a Chinese-made mechanical movement, or 4) the Seiko VK64 mecha-quartz movement. While a mechanical chronograph was ideal, we didn’t go for the Valjoux 7750 or the Seiko NE88 due to the high cost of the former and the scarcity on the market of the latter. Option 3 was eventually ruled out given the reliability issues we would potentially face with Chinese movements. The VK64, a hybrid movement which is powered by a battery but has a mechanical chronograph module, was ultimately chosen for the following reasons:

1. The VK64 has the accuracy of a quartz watch (something which the other mechanical options could not match).

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2. While powered by a battery, the VK64’s mechanical module allows the chronograph hand to move in a sweeping motion and has an instant fly-back function upon reset, i.e. characteristics of mechanical chronograph movements.

3. The VK64 had a reasonable cost.

4. The VK64 had a slimmer profile as compared to the other options, allowing us to minimize the case thickness.

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We ultimately chose the VK64 movement as it offers the best of both worlds: Japanese time-keeping accuracy and elegant mechanical action.

The GT’s Straps

Another feature we thought about closely was the straps. A well-made strap really elevates a watch. In my mind, the leather had to be supple yet durable. Most importantly, it had to wear comfortably. Now, I can promise that the GT’s straps will be one of the most comfortable straps you will wear. It’s a big claim but I stand behind it fully.

Each GT comes with 2 leather straps. The default strap is a perforated racing-inspired strap, and the second strap is a classic pebble-grain textured strap. Both straps have a spring mechanism which allows them to be swapped out without any tools (goodbye nasty lug scratches!). We also included a water-resistant lining on the undersides of the straps to maximize their life span.

In terms of colors, we wanted each GT to have straps that are versatile for use in a myriad of occasions. We ensured this by providing 2 leather straps with each GT. The ‘Mariana Blue’ GT comes with a royal navy perforated strap and a dark brown pebble-grained tang-buckle strap, the ‘Panda’ GT comes with a sharkskin grey perforated strap and a black pebble-grained tang-buckle strap, and the ‘Rose Gold’ GT comes with a dark brown perforated strap and a tan pebble-grained tang-buckle strap. Each GT offers 2 very different looks depending on the strap you put on, which really adds to the value of the watch.

The GT’s Other Specifications

Of course, the GT would be incomplete with the other bells & whistles one can expect from a micro-brand today. The GT also comes with:

1. A water resistance rating of up to 5ATM.

2. A navy blue leather-bound travel case to store the watch (and bring it with you on your road trips).

3. A medallion-effect caseback with each GT’s reference number engraved.

4. Free worldwide delivery.

5. 1 year international repair warranty.

I have attached a photo of the case back for your viewing pleasure below.

Ordering the GT

If you’ve made it all the way to this section, it must be fair to say that you’re pretty interested in the watch. The GT is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter and can be found here. The GT comes at an early-bird price of approximately $350 USD and will eventually retail at a price upwards of $420 USD. In exchange for your support, I can promise that prices for the GT will never be lower than the Kickstarter price.

It must be pretty evident that I’m really proud of how the GT turned out. It’s an achingly beautiful watch (in my biased opinion!) and one which has monopolized my wrist-time lately. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the GT as well so feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] and I will endeavor to reply as soon as I can.

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