The Casio Riseman GW-9200 is a bit tricky to review, mostly because Christian already wrote a pretty complete post about it already. It’s also a bit of a hybrid watch, something of a merger between the worlds of the G-Shock and Pathfinder lines. I’ll dive into feature lists after the break, but a short summary is this: Metric units only, and no compass.

Like many of Casio’s recent models, this Riseman is solar-powered and radio-set. As Christian noted, it ups the ante by adding the ability to sync to the Chinese radio signal, an excellent addition. Until GPS chipsets drop another order of magnitude in power consumption, radio-set (Often marketed slightly misleadingly as “atomic time”) is the best available technology for automatically setting a wristwatch. There are still big portions of the world where signals are not yet available (Australia, Africa, South America) so know that this Casio will remain accurate within 15 seconds per month even if no signal arrives.

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