It took Roger Dubuis months to get a proper press release out on this watch with specs. I took images of the new Easy Diver watches back in January 2010, and am only now able to share them with you. I wanted some hard details to go along with the images. Prices will start at $12,900 for the subsidiary second model versions. Here are two different models. The sub seconds version and the chronograph. While the EasyDiver Chronograph is a sexy number, I think the real momentum is with the time only model.

Roger Dubuis gave the watch a moronic name. I love the “EasyDiver” part (a la Easy Rider). I kid you not, they actually named it the “EasyDiver Hours, Minutes, and Small Seconds.” And people wonder why I make fun of the watch industry. “Check out my cool new car…the Wheels, Engine, and Steering Wheel.” Aside from a name you don’t want to utter yourself, the entry level EasyDiver is a great timepiece. The cool character is accompanied by a beautiful in-house made automatic movement (more on that in a second), and is also a limited edition. Should totally be part of the brands permanent collection though, in my opinion. Actually all the new EasyDiver watches for 2010 are limited editions… wonder why that is.

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The EasyDiver Sub Seconds (as I am going to call it) is in the collections iconic looking 46mm wide steel case (water resistant to 300 meters). Finally Roger Dubuis has taken their cool looking diver’s bezel and given it the cut notches that it deserves. Prior to this they just applied black paint over sections of the bezel to make it look like it might be cut. Look at the image of the EasyDiver Chronograph to see what I am talking about.

Carbon fiber is still used on the watch, but only a bit. For a while the watches were going a bit carbon fiber crazy. Now, there are only a few little pieces tastefully tucked into the sides of the lugs. Something cool to notice when looking at the watch from an angle or the side, but isn’t in your face all the time (the way most carbon fiber treatments on watches should be). The watch has two dial options. A black dial, and one in silver tone with orange hour indicators and hands. I actually prefer the latter. The orange isn’t at all over powering and looks really sexy against the silvery, textured dial. Texture is a modified sunburst pattern with a clean looking center. The deep set face is part of the rugged look of the entire watch, and there is a meaningful sloped chapter ring that has useful hour indicators on it. You could argue that the hands might benefit from being a bit larger, but they are fine as they are. Branding is kept to a minimum on the dial, and the large ‘”12″ at noon/midnight reminds you that this is a sport watch. It is also balanced out by the subsidiary seconds dial.

Inside the EasyDiver Sub Seconds is a Roger Dubuis manufactured RD821 automatic movement. Click on the preceding link for a cool presentation on the watch at Roger Dubuis’ website. Not only is the movement in-house made and nice decorated, but it also bears the prestigious Seal of Geneva, and is COSC Chronometer certified. The watch is paired with a rubber strap and has a  really cool looking deployment clasp is all Roger Dubuis in character. Note that the long case of the watch is best suited to be worn on larger wrists. This is a pretty neat looking fashion diver for those who like something different and is still horologically well respected. The EasyDiver Sub Seconds models are limited to 888 pieces each.

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Then you have the EasyDiver Chronograph version with feels more like older EasyDiver watches, but is still really interesting and fun to wear. Black, orange, and steel tone are all given justice as they play together with a watch that is about as bold in design as you could comfortably wear on a regular basis. The steel case is also 46mm wide, 300m water resistant, and in steel. One thing I really love about the watch is inside of it. The Roger Dubuis made Caliber RD 78 automatic chronograph movement is a real good looker. Once again, you can click that link for details about it at Roger Dubuis’ website. The movement reminds me of older chronograph movements where a lot of the gears aren’t hidden behind plates or bridges. Yet, the movement is still an automatic. This is due to it having a micro-rotor for the automatic winding (placed under a neat looking skeletonized bridge that is shaped like a Celtic cross). The chronograph features a column wheel adjuster inside the movements, as well as also having the Seal of Geneva. I love how instead of having a series of blued screws, they have just one large blued steel screw as a testament to the aesthetic.

On the dial you have a bi-compax subsidiary dial display, again with the sunburst pattern, and a fun mix of the six o’clock hour indicator spelled out balanced by the numeric “12” above. One thing you can’t really notice is the colors of the chronograph pushers. The crown and lower chronograph have black rings on them, while the upper chronograph pusher has an orange ring to match the orange section of the rotating diver’s bezel. Roger Dubuis watches celebrate the fact that they are not for everyone – not even close. The designs are intentionally made to arouse some, while seeing strange to others. Nevertheless, most of the brand’s timepieces are still very well designed, and have a lot of enjoyment in store for people who like them. The EasyDiver Chronograph is no different, and is itself limited to just 280 pieces.

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