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A company based solely in forward innovation, Rubber B strives to introduce rubber strap technologies that provide unique custom integration, with the added feature of micro-calibration, and luxurious, refined beauty. Each Panerai watch case has been afforded a strap that looks and feels completely OEM. A Rubber B strap is never an aftermarket product, rather it is a first ever, integrated and high-tech alternative to the factory standard option. Rubber B straps are always the very first of their kind, and represent the most advanced science with high-tech patented machinery and capabilities that do not exist outside of Switzerland.

For various Panerai models (Luminor, 1950 & Submersible), Rubber B has designed an elegant, yet rugged Vulcanized Rubber strap that incorporates many Rubber B original patented technologies, some of which are currently available for most Panerai 44mm size cases, as described below.

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Blocked Integration

Each Rubber B strap reference contains a solid carbon insert that has been micro-calibrated to provide a motionless, rotation-less, and gap-free mount to the 44mm Luminor case. This situates the heavy watch head steadily upon the wearer’s wrist, in a balanced, secure, and comfortable manner.

VulChromatic® Color

Rubber B factory’s patented technology, which engineers dual-color straps during the injection mold process, provides limitless flexibility and conformity of multiple color masses of vulcanized rubber, while they function as one seamless unit. This allows for full torsion and uniformity of the dual-colored strap during motion, avoiding any superficial color methods such as paints, bonds, or glues.

The Ultimate Caliber

Each Rubber B strap is 100% designed, manufactured, and hand-finished by absolute leaders in the haute Swiss horology industry, in the same factory as many independent luxury watch brand straps you know and trust. Rubber B straps are made of natural, supple, allergy free, lint free, and chemical free vulcanized rubber for a comfortable and reliable fit. Vulcanized Rubber also provides superior resistance to molecular stress and environmental elements such as UV, Ozone, and a harsh salty aquatic environment.

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Permanent solid inserts (titanium and carbon) contained within the strap are calibrated to fit one particular watch model perfectly and flawlessly. These inserts within the strap ensure a safe, dependable mount to its intended watch and clasp, along with ease of spring bar insertion. Most importantly, Rubber B is the only integrated strap company in the world which features the most respected and internationally regulated marking “Swiss Made” on the actual product bodies, so the purchasing value is very clear. Often emulated, but never duplicated, Rubber B is the Ultimate Rubber Strap.

After five years of private research and challenging development, an exciting and revolutionary new Rubber B technology unlike any other will be introduced in unison with their upcoming strap releases for Panerai 42mm (October 2018) and Panerai 47mm (Spring 2019). This new product line is also being implemented for a select number of other brands’ watches such as Rolex, and will be presented and announced for sale by early 2019.

For new product announcements, Rubber B invites you to join the very private Insider’s List, which receives a maximum of 8 emails per year. Click the link for more information.

All products can be purchased directly at RubberB.com, the official brand website for e-commerce retail purchasing in the USA and worldwide. Various photos and color combinations can be found on independent social media posts under #rubberb and at @RubberB_Official on Instagram. Most importantly, Rubber B wishes to thank their customers for being the most important part of a steady journey to bring exciting, innovative Swiss made products to fruition. rubberb.com

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