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For the past five years, Rubber B has been working on an incredible and revolutionary new material within their esteemed Swiss factory. Befittingly titled “SwimSkin®“, this new series of rubber straps looks and feels absolutely identical to moisture sensitive materials such as Alligator hide and Kevlar®. However, they are made entirely of vulcanized rubber, and as such, they are 100% waterproof and durable for all aquatic activities.

During the tedious five-year developmental process of “SwimSkin®” by Rubber B, various other companies have introduced their own unique versions of synthetic animal hide straps. However, certain crucial, superficial elements, such as luster, rich texture, and depth of design were always sub-par in results, leading to the straps appearing fake, dull, and contrived. As an industry leader in perfecting luxury innovation, Rubber B was not interested in sub-par results and did not consider any current options as relative manifestations of their own goal, which was to create something remarkably extraordinary.

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Rubber B privately continued a variety of daunting trials in new rubber chemistry, with the sole purpose of introducing the first rubber straps that appear entirely authentic in every aspect, and how to then implement their production on a grand scale without losing the minute qualities that differentiated them from all others.

This meant that new machinery and entirely new processes had to be contemplated and created by the Rubber B factory specifically for SwimSkin®products, once the trial phases had finally been fruitful. Below is an image of the very first strap ever created with SwimSkin® material, which was found to meet the stringent criteria of Rubber B: appearing entirely authentic in every aspect.

The result we see today, hopefully, reflects the dedication paid to each exquisite detail. For example, the brand new Rubber B Series for Panerai 42mm (launched in October 2018) features SwimSkin®Alligator, flaunting its smooth and buttery finish for a perfect, natural patina. The new Panerai 42mm Series is available in Jet Black and Espresso Brown, with future color options possible. This strap is designed to use the customer’s own Panerai tang buckle.

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Featured below, SwimSkin® “Ballistic” is another all-rubber strap from Rubber B, resembling rugged materials such as Kevlar® or sailcloth. This particular finish is available in several complementary colors including Jet Black, Military Green, Caribbean Blue, and Sahara Tan.

At launch, the new SwimSkin® Series for Panerai is compatible with all 42mm models such as Luminor 1950, Luminor Due, Luminor Submersible, and Radiomir 1940. Both finishes are priced at $280 and available in two colors for “Alligator” SwimSkin® and 4 colors for “Ballistic” SwimSkin®.

RubberB.com is the official brand website for e-commerce retail purchasing in the USA and abroad. The Panerai straps and all other models can be purchased directly online. Various photos of color combinations can be found on independent social media posts under #rubberb and at @RubberB_Official on Instagram. Most importantly, Rubber B wishes to thank their loyal customers for being a big part of a steady journey to bring exciting, innovative Swiss-made products to fruition.

Rubber B also produces integrated straps for other watch models such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Tudor. Rubber B is not affiliated with Rolex, SA, or Richemont, SA, Patek Philippe, SA or any other brand. All watches, logos, and likeness are registered trademarks of each respective watch brand.

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