Sea-God Dive Watches

Sea-God Dive Watches

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

As I discussed on the HourTime Show watch podcast, the term "Sea God" for a dive watch brand sits somewhere between clever and obnoxious. The new Italian brand is an enthusiastic yet unabashed jab are Rolex. From the sharp visual resemblance with Rolex's dive watches to the almost satirical text on the dial of "Superlative Design" - this fashion function line of diver still seems to satisfy.

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

The name Sea-God evokes an almost deistic quality in the watch (well literally speaking it does). To proclaim a watch as god of the sea is a bold yet empty statement. Even the name of this brand is perhaps an unintended comment on how high-end hyperbole has run amok. The name is so silly we end up taking it seriously. As though it is a very well executed joke. While not the first to do so, the trident as the counterweight on the seconds hand is always a plus on these Sea-God watches with names like BlackStorm, BlackShadow, Black & White, and GMT III.

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

First of all, "GMT III?" Really. Rolex has the GMT Master II, so "the Sea-God" needs to bump it up to GMT III? At least it isn't BLACK GMT III. Black seems to be predominant theme in the names, but not in all of the watches. Some of the very high-end colorful precious stone set versions are their nicest. Pricey, but attractive in how they mix sport with baguette-cut stones. Yes, there is a version with black diamonds.

The watch cases are 46mm wide and in steel. The bezels actually are rotatable (even though they looked screwed-in). Water resistance is 300 meters. With all the Deep Sea, Sea Dweller design cues in this design, I wonder why it isn't able to go deeper? Crystal is sapphire and the bezel has a ceramic insert. I do enjoy how Sea-God alternates colors on the bezel to give it unique looks.

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

Sea-God Dive Watches Watch Releases

The dials are all attractive. Sea-God did this well, but the proof will be in the final versions. I have yet to see the pieces in the flesh and hope all the materials and finishes on the dial are correct. With a flange ring design from Rolex, Sea-God will need to ensure really high quality to pull this design feature off. If the succeed, we will be rewarded with the availability of some nice stuff.

Inside the three-hand model is a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic. A work horse movement, but nothing special feeling. Probably an ETA 2893 automatic in the GMT model. Though with some nice finishing and adjusting the 2824 makes a solid movement. Now you can have more appreciation of the term "self-winding timekeeper." Unnecessarily cheesy - but still a fun one-liner on the dial. The cases come with rubber straps. I hope a metal bracelet is in store for the future.

With a lot of options and design choices the Sea-God might be my Rolex homage of choice from what I've seen lately. Even assuming a really high level of fit and finish, they are pricey with starting prices of 2,775 - 3,420 Euros. Precious stone set versions are much more. Around there they are close to price overlap with Rolex and other established dive watch brands. That means Sea-God wants to be taken serious - which makes total sense given their accumulated image.

What do you think?
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  • John

    Worthy of worship?

  • Gerasimos

    The name is hard to stomach and the logo looks like Sea Doo (as in jet ski). Price point is a tough group to get into.

  • Neptune, God of the Sea

    I feel as though my good name has been tarnished. Had I made a watch for that cost it would contain an in-house movement and would definitely have never included such tacky jewels on a dive watch. Surely I would not charge these outrageous prices for what basically is same watch as the much more tasteful Christopher Ward Trident, which only costs a fraction of the price as this. May these abominations be sent to Tartarus whence they came.

  • Ulysses

    As my worthy foe mentioned, these watches could have been so much nicer if not for the tack and the hefty price. I’m not particularly keen on the verbose text on the dial either. They might as well have put “That Kind of Watch Where the Weight Swings Around” on the front. I guess “Automatic” isn’t cool enough any more.



  • kris.c

    One of the worst names ever – so bad, that it alone would even stop me from considering a purchase.

    A pepsi bezel made of red and blue cut stones? Cannot unsee!

  • Arthur Davis

    superlative design!! Was the guy that designed this piece of robot turd legally blind.
    I know its a marketing phrase but STOP IT
    The name is horrible . I feel like you would have to talk like Thurston Howell the III to justify the name without anyone laughing. I hate the ” Original Sea God Design” no it looks like a chapter ring from a Rolex (another robot turd) Not that they aren’t mechanically great watches, I wouldn’t give you 5 dollars for most of them. THEIR UGLY.
    Better off buying a Brietling or IWC or Omega just to name a few

  • Charles Boulakia

    I actually think this watch is awesome. Really nicely designed case – esp. the bezel, IMHO. And the name and silliness on the dial is either “error in translation” or that someone has a sense of humor. I would definitely rotate this with the rest of my watches, and I would point out the name to anyone who asks (and people will ask – it’s such an unusual, ostentatious but well thought out design). At this price point, on my budget, I wouldn’t buy it, but if it was competing with Zodiac (say, $400-600) I’d order it today. When I comment on watches like this one, I usually forget about the price, and only comment on the design, since the prices of most watches are completely outrageous anyway.

  • Enzo Palazzolo

    Cominciamo con il dire che scriviamo in italiano per lasciare a voi la capacità di imparare a tradurre le buone regole di comportamento e di buona educazione. Fare dei commenti o delle critiche non vuol dire che bisogna essere necessariamente maleducati e offensivi, ma si possono fare delle critiche senza offendere nessuno. Il nostro tempo è molto limitato perché stiamo lavorando a questo progetto da mesi, con impegno, passione e senza recare disturbo o fastidi a nessuno. Il nostro obiettivo non è provocare ma ‘innovare’. Peraltro abbiamo lavorato 30 anni nel mondo della comunicazione q conosciamo molto bene come ci si comporta in qualsiasi mercato sia che si voglia vendere dei prodotti sia che si voglia fare del marketing. Ma ci vediamo costretti a scrivervi per alcuni chiarimenti e per darvi la possibilità di comprendere cose che non sapete, perché privi di cultura. Innanzitutto il nome del brand. La traduzione letterale di Sea-God è Dio del mare; il Dio del Mare è Nettuno, personaggio mitologico e divinità delle acque che come scettro del potere inforcava il tridente. Ma nulla ha a che fare con Dio, per cui il nome del brand non è dissacrante come alcuni di voi pensano. Quindi non vi aspettate di vedere Dio dentro gli orologi. Relativamente alla stupidità delle scritte, diteci perché è stupido scrivere timekeeper o superlative design? E’ forse più intelligente scrivere Oyster ? Ogni azienda interpreta alcuni nomi per identificare e individuare i materiali o identificare caratteristiche o funzioni dei prodotti. Allo stesso modo la Rolex avrebbe potuto scrivere cozza anziché ostrica. L’intelligenza o la conoscenza sui prodotti è la capacità delle persone di interpretare di capire e non di offendere o dire delle castronerie. Oppure pensate che l’utilizzo della parola Cerachrom significhi qualcosa ? Non vuol dire nulla ma indica solo ed esclusivamente l’utilizzo della ceramica. Superlative design è un segno distintivo di uno studio di design, se cercate sulla rete vi renderete conto che anche questa affermazione è destituita di qualsiasi fondamento o battuta. E poi vorreste forse dire che il design di questi orologi non è forse superlativo ? Beh, in fondo da voi non ce lo aspettiamo, non dovete dirlo voi. Ad oggi lo dicono quelle migliaia di persone che stanno apprezzando questi orologi. Riceviamo da soltanto 1 mese migliaia di visite sul sito da 72 paesi nel mondo. L’utilizzo delle pietre non è di cattivo gusto, è di cattivo gusto esporre commenti ignoranti. Prima di me Rolex, e tante altre marche, hanno messo le pietre su orologi subacquei. Facciamo orologi di lusso subacquei ma i nostri orologi non sono alla portata di persone che fanno commenti come i vostri, che non sono in grado di capirli, e nemmeno di indossarli. Questi orologi sono progettati con attenzione e passione in ogni minimo particolare, nulla è lasciato al caso. Siamo pronti a lanciarvi la sfida di progettare un brand di lusso, un design di orologi di successo e portarci i commenti, le critiche e le inesattezze a riprova del fatto che siete superficiali e non conoscete affatto il mondo dell’orologeria. Non abbiamo neanche incominciato a vendere gli orologi e già distributori da quindici paesi dal mondo ci chiedono contratti per la distribuzione. Ma di cosa volete parlare che non avete nemmeno la capacità di guardare un orologio e valutarne il valore intrinseco dello stesso? Allora limitatevi semplicemente a dire non mi piace, non fa per me e soprattutto non compratelo. Quando vorrete parlare di orologi e del loro valore, dei costi della produzione, fate una tavola rotonda e verremo volentieri a spiegarvi le cose che non sapete. Spero che sia la prima e l’ultima volta che ci abbassiamo a questi livelli di discussione. Vi auguriamo una buona continuazione e per favore mantenete decoro ed educazione.

    • Time to bust out with some Google Translate – this is from Sea God’s founder.

      • AtSeaWatch

        Man, he threw down. So the level of discourse is not to his liking, as a longtime communications expert. Rolex does gem-encrusted and word vomit-covered dials, so why can’t Sea God? Also Sea God, totally means Neptune and not the Lord his God, so no need to refer to the company as Sea G-d, or S-a God if you’re a Wiccan.

  • Chris

    These are wild and kind of appealing. Most don’t do much for me, but I love the blacked-out model. “Bright side of the moon”? How? Why? Nevermind, it’s an appealing sort of crazy. The word vomit on the dial only goes along with the theme of the pieces. These beg to be worn with giant mirrored sunglasses and euro jeans covered with zippers and false pockets. They’re the euro-trashiest thing I’ve seen since the last time I stepped out my front door. I really hope they make an all white one with a white ceramic case. It be perfect in Köln or Naples.

    These watches are a joke, and I mean that in a good way. They’re a finger in the eye of Rolex. Think you need a professional grade dive watch? No, you need gemstones in your bezel. The name, the models, the designs, all are tongue in cheek. That sense of humor is all too rare in the watch industry.

    I’d absolutely wear one of these. I just wouldn’t pay for it, at least not until I win the Spanish lottery. Then all bets are off.

  • Enzo Palazzolo

    Mi devo correggere. Meno male che il popolo della Rete ‘the Net people’, per chi non sa neanche usare Google Translate, è vasto e più intelligente di chi scrive certe idiozie, mosso chissà da quale motivo. La vera promozione di un prodotto la fa il pubblico, attratto dalla stupidaggini che dite, ma poi soddisfatto dalla visione del prodotto. Comunque scrivete pure, in Italia si dice: bene o male purchè se ne parli!! Questo è marketing!! Grazie!!

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  • bb2791

    I am kind of like it, but I prefer:
    1.  without the “stones” on the bezels, and
    2. with optional metal bracelet.
    (the one in white looks good!)

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  • DG Cayse

    @Enzo PalazzoloVia BING –
    “Should Icorrect.Thank goodnessthat the peopleoftheNetpeople, for those who do noteven knowuseGoogle Translate,is vastandsmarter thanwhowritessomebullshit,movedperhapsbywhy.
    The realpromotion ofa productisthe audience,attracted by thestupiditiesthatsay,but thensatisfiedby theproduct overview.
    However, writewell,inItalythey say:good or badas long as we speak!
    Thisis marketing! Thank you!!”
    (my addition)

  • DG Cayse

    @Enzo PalazzoloVia BING –

    start with saying that we write in Italian to leave you with the
    ability to learn how to translate good rules of behavior and good
    Make comments or criticism doesn’t mean you should be rude and offensive, but you can make criticisms without offending anyone. 
    time is very limited because we are working on this project for months,
    with commitment, passion and without disturb or harm anyone. Our goal is not to provoke but ‘ innovate ‘. Moreover
    we worked 30 years in the world of communication q know very well how
    it behaves in any market is that it wants to sell both products that you
    wish to do marketing. 
    But we have to write for
    some clarification and to give you the ability to understand things that
    you don’t know, because without culture. 
    The name of the brand. The literal translation of Sea-God is God of the sea; the sea God Neptune is mythological and deities of waters as Scepter of power in for cava the Trident. 
    But it has nothing to do with God, whereby the name of the brand is not debunking as some of you think. So don’t expect to see God in clocks. 
    Regarding the stupidity of writing, tell us why it’s stupid to write timekeeper or superlative design?
    Is it smarter to write Oyster? 
    Every company takes some names to identify and locate materials or identify features or functions. Similarly the Rolex could write instead of oyster Mussel. 
    intelligence or knowledge on products is the ability of people to
    interpret and understand and not to offend or say of blunders. 
    Or do you think that the use of the word Cerachrom mean something? 
    Doesn’t mean anything but indicates only and exclusively the use of ceramics. 
    design is a hallmark of a design studio, if you search on the net you
    will realize that even this statement is stripped of any Foundation or
    And then you would perhaps say that the design of these watches is not superlative? 
    Well, basically you do not expect, you don’t have to tell you. Now tell the thousands of people who are enjoying these watches. 
    Only 1 month we receive thousands of hits on the site from 72 countries worldwide. 
    The use of the stones is not tacky is tacky expose ignorant comments. 
    Before me Rolex, and many other brands, they put stones on diving watches. Do
    divers watches but our clocks are not available to people who make
    comments like yours that are not able to understand them, nor wear them. 
    These watches are designed with care and passion in each detail, nothing is left to chance. 
    are ready to take on the challenge of designing a luxury brand, a
    successful watch design and bring us comments, criticisms and
    inaccuracies proving who you are and you don’t know the world of
    We haven’t even begun to sell clocks and distributors from 15 countries from around the world ask us contracts for deployment. 
    what do you want to talk about that you don’t even have the ability to
    look at a watch and evaluate the intrinsic value of the same? 
    Then just simply saying I don’t like it, not for me and especially doesn’t buy it. 
    you want to talk about watches and their value, cost of production, a
    panel discussion and we will gladly explain things that you don’t know. 
    I hope that both the first and the last time that we look at these levels. We wish you a good continuation and please keep decorum and politeness.”
    (my addition)

  • phuongph1970

    I have bought a God-Sea Watch and very happy with my decision. First I notice that I have never been using and a watch before. Wearing a watch make me not comfortable and give me a feeling of time machine and not freedom.However when I did wear Sea-God watch that my wife bought for me, I feel more than comfortable. It is fantastic. And I do not leave it any time. Thanks to people who make the watch.