Seiko has been putting serious resources into the success of their Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch collection that they debuted about two years ago. We’ve been fans of the techie watch that instead of relying on radio signals from the few terrestrial atomic clocks, connects to signals from GPS satellites. Why? Well to indicate the correct time anywhere in the world of course (assuming you are more or less outside that is). There is a forthcoming aBlogtoWatch review on the Seiko Astron Solar GPS, but until then we can report on a brand new collection of new Seiko Astron watch designs that will be available worldwide next month.


According to Seiko, these six new Seiko Astron GPS Solar design options have been inspired by the curvature of the earth. With the same movement inside, these new designs feature a new case, dial, hands, and dramatically curved sapphire crystal. Seiko claims that these new crystals require over ten hours of polishing to get right. Part of this explains the higher price of these models compared to the other Seiko Astron GPS watches, but since Seiko produces their own synthetic sapphire crystal – they are still reasonably priced.

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In addition to the curved sapphire meant to appear like our earth, Seiko has added some other interesting design elements to continue the visual effect. Apparently luminant right under the crystal helps remind you of the earth’s atmosphere, while the dial of the watch under the indicators has the motif of our continents. Seiko tends to do this stuff pretty well and the modern design mixed with the highly legible dial is a visual treat that I am sure we will enjoy it when we get a chance to see this timepiece hands-on soon.

Seiko astron 2014 4

The map of the earth on the dial is printed in a very deliberate way to associate with the reference city ring on the periphery of the dial. Thus, the view of the earth is looking down at the North Pole. The design isn’t per se an improvement over the original Seiko Astron GPS, but is rather an interesting additional flavor. The case is 48mm wide and thick at about 18mm. Seiko offers the case in either steel, IP black steel, or IP gold steel. The watches will come either on silicone or a crocodile strap and will be priced from 2,300 – 2,400 Euros.


Seiko Astron Solar GPS tech specs:

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·Caliber 7X52
GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment
Hour, minute and second hands, date calendar
Perpetual calendar correct to February 2100
Signal reception result indication
World time function (39 Time Zones)
Daylight saving time function
Power saving function
Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month (without receiving a time signal and at temperatures between 5℃ and 35℃)
Diameter: 48.1 mm, Thickness: 18.1mm
Stainless steel (SAS031, 037,038)
Stainless steel with pink gold-color hard coating (SAS032)
Stainless steel with black hard coating (SAS033, 035)
Screw-down crown and screw case back
Water resistance 10 bar, Magnetic resistance 4,800 A/m
Extra-strength silicon with three-fold clasp with push button release (SAS031, SAS032, SAS033, SAS035)
Crocodile strap with three-fold clasp with push button release (SAS037, 038)
Dual curve box shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on inner surface
·Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe:
Euro 2,300 (SAS031), Euro 2,350 (SAS033, SAS035, SAS037) and Euro 2,400 (SAS034, SAS038)
·Available from February 2014

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