Why on Earth is this watch not officially sold in the US? I mean you can still get it online, but people need a watch like this to get them through the day, at least any walking parts. Frankly, I will all but forget how to stroll or pace without this watch. The Seiko Pullsee is technically a fitness watch, but really serves to do something that the Japanese love, give you extraneous information. An upgrade from the mere “Pedessa” model, the Pullsee relies of two basic sensors to tell you everything you need to know. It has a built in pedometer and rate-heart monitor. As an odograph, this watch literally measures walking.  The pedometer is an internal sensor, while I believe the heart rate monitor is attached to the strap which would touch your wrist. In addition, it has a calendar, stop watch functions, calendar, and other functions you’d expect in a fitness watch.

It also looks like the LCD screen itself also have a few color modes and changes to green or red depending on whether you are acting withing a healthy heart-rate ro something to high. The watch also performs some basic calculations to determine calories burned. Essentially, the purpose of the Pullsse is to tell you how fast you are walking, how far you’ve walked, how many steps you’ve taken, but not where you are going. Internal memory stores information for about 12 days. So you know if you walked more today than you did last week. You wanted to know that right?

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The watch has a cool feature you don’t often see on watches, though it makes total sense. Rotating the bezel serves to alter the function mode of the watch. Buttons on the sides of the watch help with making adjustments. The watch itself comes in different colors; black, white, and a few others. I have to say that for being a relatively pedestrian watch (maybe a slight pun intended), it looks rather attractive. You’ll have to settle for Japanese language instructions, but I think you are smart enough to make due. Certainly a more fun and interesting product that what you can get from Polar or Timex. It is also a nice a big watch at 46mm, which is not bad considering all the stuff it has packed inside. Find them online for about $215.

See Seiko Pullsee and Pedessa watches on eBay here.

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