The first versions of the Singer Track 1 watch will each come in carefully polished titanium cases which are 43mm wide and 15mm thick (water resistant to 100 meters). The titanium is polished to look like steel, so it has that nice contrast-polish look, but in a lightweight package. The Track 1 is no doubt a larger watch, but the company designed it to fit as comfortably and naturally as possible. It is easily a piece that can be worn all day without issue. Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal, as is another crystal over the case back with a view to the movement.

If the design of the Track 1 watch doesn’t interest you, the movement should. Even at this not so modest price level, it is hard to find watches with the lovely view you get while looking into the back. The sheer volume of small, polished parts is impressive as you get an unadulterated view of the 477 component mechanical movement which they call the Caliber Singer Reimagined 6361 automatic. Yes, the movement is an automatic even if it doesn’t look like one. Agenhor designed the movement to have a peripheral rotor (not the first time for them) which you actually can’t see, but is there offering the convenience of automatic winding.

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The movement has been further designed for the pushers and crowns to be on both sides of the case, for both practical and style purposes. Marco makes specific mention of the 1969 TAG Heuer Calibre 11 movement as a bit of inspiration. The caliber 6361 movement operates at 3Hz (21,600bph) with 60 hours of power reserve. The special chronograph system has a new name which is called the “AgenGraphe” (chronograph by Agenhor), and the movement has a new regulation system which has an “AgenPit” regulator – another piece of proprietary mechanical technology.

In the spirit of transparency – much of which has been lost in today’s luxury watch industry – Singer Reimagined is extremely open about the suppliers and service providers used to produce the Track 1. The team makes it clear who does what, crediting Agenhor for production of the movement, Del West for production of the case, Thyssen-Krupp as the case material supplier, Artecad as the dial maker, Fiedler as the hands maker, and L’Atelier du bracelet as the strap maker. Larger watch brands like to pretend they do it all (which they only do in rare situations), which has caused suspicion and skepticism among collectors over the recent years. Singer is smart to simply address the issue of who makes what for the Track 1 watch right off the bat.

A good story, cool design, and compelling movement are the basic bits which together make for an impressive and desirable luxury watch. The remaining question is if the outcome of the formula is sexy. The Singer Reimagined Track 1 is not the luxury watch for everyone, nor is it trying to be. Just as Singer’s modified Porsche 911 cars are clearly impressive, they aren’t meant for all collectors. The same goes for the appeal of the Track 1 watch. Even if you aren’t personally interested in the “reimagined” 1960s-style racing chronograph timepiece, you have to admit the package is well-done. What strikes a chord for me in the Track 1 is that it nicely combines a list of talents that are smart to be working together, into a timepiece which delivers on its promise of being interesting, exclusive, and a logical extension of the Singer Vehicle Design brand.

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As primarily a car company, Singer is in the ironic position (as I mentioned above) to state that the first unique product for them is not a car but a timepiece. I don’t think it will take too much convincing for Singer’s clients to get excited about the watch, and of course, you don’t need to be a Singer car customer to get one of the watches – though Singer will be selling the Track 1 watches directly.

I’m personally really enthused by the Singer Reimagined brand and concept in general. It was somewhat thrilling to be involved with the launch of a new exclusive Swiss timepiece right in my proverbial backyard – something I didn’t think was going to happen. While Los Angeles isn’t watchmaking country, it is still a major epicenter of design, manufacturing, and skill when it comes to enthusiast and performance automobiles. This was the right type of company, in the right place for watch people in Switzerland to approach in making a high-end niche watch for people who also like high-end niche automobiles. The Singer Reimagined Track 1 Launch Edition will be limited to 50 pieces with a seemingly reasonable price (for what you get) of $40,000 (38,900 CHF).

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