Sinn EZM 7 Watch

Sinn EZM 7 Watch

Sinn EZM 7 Watch Watch Releases

Sinn has been getting real divers and desk divers alike drooling from the mouth since the 1990s with their seriously pro EZM line of watch. "EZM" stands for Einsatzzeitmesser, which roughly translates into "mission timer." Really happy they chose to shorten that word to just "EZM." Also sounds E-Z to say. These watches have come in different forms over the years, but have all shared a more or less signature DNA look. Now in its seventh iteration - the EZM is starting to get some color.

It is really quite difficult for Sinn to improve upon the durability of timepieces like this. They are all super hero watches. Some just have slightly differing powers. Each is a perfect companion to "take into a fight." Like other Sinn watches the EZM 7 has a tegimented steel case - which is a hardening technique that makes the steel hard being 1200 vickers in hardness. The steel has a  sandblasted finish and the case is 43mm wide by just 12mm thick. Sinn uses their special AR coating technique on the sapphire crystal. Few crystals are as clear as those Sinn offers.

Sinn EZM 7 Watch Watch Releases

The case is water resistant to 200 meters and has a special humidity prevention system. Part of it is that little thing on the side of the case that looks like a helium escape valve. This is there to prevent the dial from ever fogging up. It goes without saying that the case is quite shock resistant and also highly anti-magnetic. The caseback is nickel-free for those who have allergies.

Colorful as the dial maybe, it is there for a purpose. Though in my laziness (and perhaps Sinn's laziness as well), I didn't feel like translating the thorough explanation PDF into English. So visit Google Translate and see what this German language PDF on the Sinn EZM 7 is all about.

Sinn EZM 7 Watch Watch Releases

Basically the watch takes into account certain specific timed event that people of various professions need. This includes divers, firefighters, EMT's, etc... The color coded segments of the bezel and dial provide easy references on operating the timing functions. According to Sinn, the EZM 7 makes these things "easy as child's play." Ironic a bit, but OK.

You'll notice that the crown is on the left side of the case - this is to prevent it from digging into your wrist and is common on EZM models. Inside the watch is a regulated Swiss ETA 2893-2 automatic watch with the time, date, and a  GMT hand. Like most Sinn watches the EZM 7 watch is available in a rubber strap, various types of leather straps, and Sinn's really nice matching metal bracelet. Not too sure about the price -but it should be a few thousands dollars and out soon. Until Zenith releases a new version of their famous Rainbow watch, this is gonna be one of the best "colorful" professional watches around.

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  • bpsingh

    this dial is too crowded
    cant make out head or tail of it..dont know what divers do with it 🙂

  • Root

    It seems to be a watch for firemen.

    The rotating bezel reproduce the pattern of the circles/sectors on the dial. Each one seems to indicate the maximum operating time under various condition (under chemical protective suite, etc.)

  • shinytoys

    It’s not really a divers watch, although it certainly could be used for one. It’s a mission watch. The face paints a clear picture for “get in and get out ” times. Fireman use mission watches, as well as bomb deployment teams. Pilots also use them. Mission watches are fairly specific in their aim of use, and the dial shows that. If you spend some time with the watch, you would find it beautiful, built like a brick sh*thouse, and easy to use. The crystal is also one of the finest to read through at angles, and super strong. Plus it’s powered by the bulletproof ETA 2893-2, and it’s reasonably priced. I like it, and it’s tough not to fall in love with. When time is ticking down, and you don’t want the complication of a chronograph, but a clear indicator as to what your future might be in big bold color segments, this is the watch.

  • Ivan Y

    Does anyone else think that hour hand is too short? Is there a functional reason it is as short as the GMT hand?

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  • Kris C

    Not a fan, sorry. It’s not as legible as it should be, and the colour scheme is a little too proud for me. I agree that the hour hand is a bit short, although I understand why it only points to where it does.

  • Sonorman

    The price in germany is between 1490 € and 1695 €, depending on the strap.