Did you know that Sinn makes ladies’ watches? Not too many of them, but they do. They are nice pieces – not what I would call pretty, but certainly handsome. To visualize this concept I am adding an image of a Greek statue of a woman. Handsome right? Not exactly “wow she is hot.” Sinn ladies’ watches are nicely made, easy to read, and feminine – but not girl. I think of them as being worn by some German nurse named Hilda who probably moonlights as a bartender with a permanent serious look on her face. So new for 2010 is a “mocha” version in titanium of their 243 watch collection – called the Sinn 243 Ti M.

At 28mm wide, this tonneau shaped watch has a great finish for a titanium case. The proportions are… statuesque and classic. Why titanium? Really not sure. The light metal is popular on large men’s watches to make them feel lighter. Aside from being hypo-allergenic, it isn’t clear to me why a small women’s watch needs to be lighter. As it is, the watch is 20 grams. But Sinn likes titanium for its 243 watches, and that is the way it is. Prior to this brown dialed version coming out, the collection was around with a black dial, cream dial, and a mother of pearl dial. Those are all arguably more girly than ms. serious over here.

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Sinn watches are about function, but the 243 Ti needed a little flair. The galvanized metal dial has some gloss to it, and the rhodiumized hour markers and hands are all applied. Even though the case proportions are kind to the female demeanor, this is still a tool watch at heart. Easy to read and lume covered, this is a practical watch is there ever was one. For those ladies who shun wearing high-heels most of the time. Practical yes, but still in good taste. The sapphire crystal is AR coated on both sides for a really clear view of the dial. The tough case is 100 meters water resistant and pretty anti-magnetic, along with being low-pressure resistant (you know.. for those high altitude flights).

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2671 automatic movement with a date (nicely placed in the lower center of the dial) – no quartz for these ladies! With a price around $2,000 – $2,500 these are luxury level watches that combine attractive looks and the stalwart functionality that German Sinn is known for. Aside from the brown leather strap, the watch has an available brown satin strap, or a titanium bracelet. A lot women are going to like this collection, and I think for good reason. As a guy, maybe this is a good collection to consider as a gift for certain types of women in your life. Such as a mother, sister, other close relatives, accountant, librarian, etc… The list of mature, non-romantic interest female types in your life just goes on! For a slightly sexier Sinn (a term that the brand should totally use in their marketing) check out their 456 series of women’s watches.

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