Sinn, the German manufacturer of all things tool watch, has announced an update to their T1/T2 family of titanium dive watches. Now available with deep blue dials, the new Sinn T1 B and T2 B models remain largely unchanged from the T1 and T2 that Sinn launched at Baselworld in 2013 – translating Sinn’s U-series dive watches into another thoroughly dive-ready design featuring a titanium case.

With its warm earthy tone, titanium is a great match for a blue dial, and the Sinn T1 B and T2 B look fantastic. As it’s been a couple years since we went hands-on with these titanium mission timers, I figure a quick recap would be helpful. Without a strap, the Sinn T1 B (aka the Sinn EZM 14) weighs in at 71g, with a case that is 45mm wide and 12.5mm thick, with 22mm lugs. The smaller Sinn T2 B (Sinn EZM 15) is 41mm wide, 13.3mm thick, with 20mm lugs, and weighs 59g without its strap. Being dive watches, the Sinn T1 B is water resistant to 1000m, and the smaller Sinn T2 B is resistant to an impressive 2000m (6562 ft or 1.24 miles).

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Both versions use a Soprod A10-2 Swiss automatic movement that beats at 4Hz, uses 25 jewels and is anti-magnetic to DIN 8309 and anti-shock to DIN 8308. The Soprod is a solid and reliable alternative to ETA’s 2892 and a fitting choice given Sinn’s price point.

Size and specs aside, Sinn approaches the design and construction of all of their watches from a decidedly pro-tool position. To that end, the Sinn T1 B and Sinn T2 B are legitimate dive watches and have been manufactured to be as tough as possible. The cases are bead-blasted and the bezels use Sinn’s TEGIMENT treatment for additional scratch resistance. The bezel also features Sinn’s captive design, meaning it must be depressed before it can be turned, preventing accidental rotation.

SINN-t2-1SINN-T2-LumeAs is the case with most of Sinn’s watches, the T1 B and T2 B use their Ar-Dehumidifying technology to prevent fogging, even under extreme conditions, such as rapid transitions from hot to cold (the watches are rated for use between -45C to +80C). With solid case backs and anti-reflective sapphire crystals, both the Sinn T1 B and Sinn T2 B are low pressure resistant and backed by a three year warranty.

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In commitment to the possibility that someone might use the Sinn T1 B or Sinn T2 B in a professional diving scenario, both models are dive certified by DNV GL and meet the requirements for DIN 8306 and DIN 8310 as well as EN 250 and EN 14143, the European standards for dive equipment. To save you a probable Google search, DNV GL is a company that certifies compliance and standards in a number of industries, including diving/maritime applications. Finally, just like the original T1 and T2 models, the Sinn T1 B and Sinn T2 B feature distinct coloring for the luminous paint on the minute hand and bezel triangle, allowing for increased legibility when reading the elapsed time in low light environments (seen above, this would be very handy on a night dive).


Sinn is constantly upping their game when it comes to modern tool watches and they arguably set the bar for the entire concept. From their mission timer chronographs to their TESTAF pilot’s watches and dive watches like the T1 and T2, they make wonderfully over-engineered watches that capture the base appeal of sport watches – an appeal that spans from desk divers to fighter pilots and everyone in between.

While pricing and availability will depend on where you live, for those in North America, Sinn’s exclusive US is, and the Sinn T1 B and Sinn T2 B will cost the same as their black-dialed counterparts. The 45mm T1 B will cost $3240 USD on your choice of a titanium bracelet or a blue silicone strap with a fold-over extension clasp. The 41mm Sinn T2 B is listed for $3060 USD and can be had with a titanium bracelet or a blue silicon strap with a butterfly clasp (non-extending). Sitting closely in terms of price, you just have to pick the size that suits your taste and decide between the titanium bracelet or the matching silicone strap (which just looks amazing). On either mount, both the Sinn T1 B and Sinn T2 B are nothing short of catnip for the dive watch crowd, and I’d certainly love to take a Sinn T2 B along for a couple of dives.

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