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I don’t know how a watch like this slipped through the cracks. It came out just last summer as a limited edition. This is a very interesting and rare Sinn watch that is thankfully available on James List, and for not that much dough. Many of you know of the super functional and durable Frankfurt, Germany based watch maker Sinn. A few years ago they released one of their most style forward watches ever, the U1. It has a few limited editions including an all black, Sinn U Black (not typo, just “U”). Well this is another limited edition, called the Sinn U1 White (sometimes U1 Snow). It takes the almost opposite approach than that of the all back U Black. The White is a high contrast U1 model that is not only easy to read, but really stands out. White is quite a hot color right now for watches, and the U1 Snow capitalizes on that fact with a white strap and dial. The rest of the watch though is in PVD coated black. Combine the black & white look with the Bauhaus style of the dial hands and numerals you have yourself a winning design, at least in my humble opinion.

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Aside from the special colorings, the watch should be the same as your normal rugged Sinn U1 watch. Case is in very hard tegimented steel and 44mm wide. Not 100% sure, but movement is likely a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic with hacking seconds. The diver watch has 1000 meters of water resistance and a very nice to use rotating diver’s bezel. Sinn only made about 375 of these watches. The version with the white strap was only available in Europe and Asia. The few U1 White watches that came to the US only arrived with the black rubber strap. For some odd reason, the “black/white” strap option yielded a bit of a debate among watch lovers. Many people hated the white strap. Thought perhaps it was feminine. I don’t agree, I love it, and this it goes great with the all black case of the watch.

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You can’t get this watch from Sinn any longer, but since the watch was released so recently, there are a handful of them out there. This one on James List is going for about $2,200.

See this Sinn U1 White Limited Edition watch on James List here.

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