SLYDE Sport Watches With Matching "Engines" 2013 Watch Releases

For 2013, SLYDE debuted three new variations of their watch accented in red, yellow or white. These take the sleek, smooth case of the original and adds a burst of color to each variation. Given that the main concept of the SLYDE watch is the freedom to create anything on the display, the accompanying “engines” have been given matching color treatment as well.

Now it would be easy to dismiss these new pieces as mere novelties but the way that the colors have been implemented really adds a sporty vibe to the watch, changing the character of the original in quite a fresh way. I myself  fancy the red version, and can see how perhaps a potential buyer sitting on the fence might be swayed to these new variations.

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Aside from the more obvious details, the highlights for me are the matching colored underside of the aerated strap, and the matching colored LEDs (the previous version only glowed blue). The animations on this version have also been given a more sporting touch with scrolling time displays inspired by stadium LED screens, as well as a “racing-touch” inspired design with the strap in the style of a Ford GT-40 chromed grill.

Worldwide editions are limited to 500 pieces per color and are available in three unique versions: yellow; red; and white.

It’ll be great to have a closer look at this watch so lookout for a review coming soon. My last experience with the SLYDE elicited many comments from strangers and I’ll be interested to see if this new SPORT version one can do the same The Slyde Sport limited edition watch collection will be available starting in September 2013.

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