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Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser.

With the increasing amount of smart devices out there on the market, lovers of classic watches have been faced with a dilemma. They want to get all of the benefits of activity tracking and other smart features, but it means swapping a treasured timepiece for a rubber band. Or worse yet, perhaps you are one of the unfortunate people wearing both a watch and a fitness band.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

However beautiful an Apple Watch might be, it is never going to match a classic Panerai or an Omega Speedmaster. Watch enthusiasts have been watching this space carefully and it looks as though there may finally be a new option, a way to get all of the benefits of smart technology without any compromise on style.

Enter Smart Buckle, an elegantly designed buckle that can be attached to many classic watches with standard and deployant clasp styles. Once easily fitted, the buckle uses sophisticated algorithms and sensors to provide people with highly accurate insights into their patterns of activity and sleep. Whether it's for the busy professional or as a gift for a father, Smart Buckle is designed to be discreetly added to your classic watch and once worn, to fit seamlessly into your life.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

“Its about combining the benefits of technology with classic style. Smart Buckle upholds the lineage of the classic watch by rejuvenating it with technology that adds real value to our lives. Now it is possible to get all the benefits of accurate activity and sleep tracking without any compromise on your classic style,” said Alexei Levene, co-founder of Gooseberry.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

As watch lovers, the founders of Gooseberry, the company behind Smart Buckle, were driven to see if there was a way that technology could be miniaturized into a form factor that would fit comfortably on most watches. With a custom designed battery that will last for up to 5 days with a single charge, the Smart Buckle will be tracking your activity even when you are away from your phone. The buckle is available in a 20mm size and with a brushed steel finish with both rose gold and gun metal versions also available. The buckle is also dust and waterproof to IP57 standards, which means that you can go about your daily life in full knowledge that you have a new path to gain insights about your health and well-being.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

"It was a massive design challenge to miniaturize the electronics into the smallest form factor possible and at the same time, achieve standards of a classic Swiss watch. We have invested significant time and resources to ensure the software and hardware of the product are optimal so that the data from Smart Buckle is more accurate than most of the leading activity trackers in the market today," said Shripal Gandhi, Co-founder of Gooseberry.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

You can check in with your activity and sleep insights such as how far you have walked and the calories burned, as well as your light versus deep sleep. Smart Buckle insights are gathered in your iPhone or Android phone and the application has a one button connection to your Apple Health and Google Fit information. Essentially, you get a single view of your data even if you have another fitness tracker.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

Accuracy and precision are qualities admired by horologists and Smart Buckle follows this appreciation with style. In our tests across a range of activities, from waving your hand to running, Smart Buckle outperforms all of the leading smart watches and activity trackers we tested against. The buckle uses intelligent algorithms to know a walk from a wave and ensures that your data and your insights are accurate, and safe. We built Smart Buckle with cutting edge encryption software and up to 20 days of data storage on the buckle. When you return after having been away from your phone, your data safely and automatically updates to the application, seamlessly.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

Gooseberry is also partnering with select watch companies to develop branded versions of Smart Buckle with some exciting announcements planned for later this year.

Smart Buckle Lets You Convert Any Watch Into A Fitness Tracker Luxury Items

Whether you are looking at Smart Buckle for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you can pre-order Smart Buckle today on Kickstarter. Shipping will begin on July 12th. Smart Buckle is priced at $99 but available at a special introductory price of only $39 while stocks last.

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  • Simon_Hell

    Number of steps taken in a day is in the same category of relevance to me as the weight of my morning stool. Yes, it would be interesting to know, i guess, but the novelty will likely evaporate in 2 days sharp.

    Any and every phone will provide the information that this buckle supplies. Everyone has a phone. Why buy the buckle? Especially since neither will give me the weight of my stool.

    • proudAmerican702

      “The new SmartBuckle 2.0 can now measure the weight of your morning stool! As an added bonus, the buckle can be inserted into your morning stool, and you can track its journey through your city’s municipal sewer system. What fun! (rubber gloves not included)”

      • dennis

        Now that’s funny.

    • Jeff Redmayne

      heres an easy suggestion to find the weight of your stool which doesnt need a wearable. simply find yourself some scales, stand on them and when you look down that should give you a pretty accurate calculation.. what a silly comment!

      • That’s how I do it – weigh myself before and after.

  • SuperStrapper

    While this is still light years away from being Interesting, this one is at least about as discrete as I’ve seen in an implementation.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Impressive if it really works. Not for me personally.

  • Arjun R Pillai

    The best thing about this is – I don’t have to buy a new watch which I might or might not like. Moreover, I don’t have to use 1 watch always. This goes with my existing watch that I can buy the way I like it (than the usual limited array of smart watches). Way to go!

  • Nathan Leyton

    I am sure a lot of people like me have hesitated to get a fitbit or apple watch. but this is a really cool idea im going to try it out

    • Andrew Buckley

      “Nathan”: who are you? Why is this the only post you’ve ever made?

      • Nathan Leyton

        I never used disqus before. I seen an advert for this on Facebook and commented? Why, did I do something wrong?

        • Andrew Buckley

          No. Just checking that you’re for real. ?

    • Marco Sampuel

      I bought a fitbit flex 2 a few monts ago, I like it because of its tiny size, plus when I go to bed I barely notice it is on my wrist and thats the main problem with this buckle I can’t imagine myself sleeping with my watch.

  • Ana Prates

    My dad will love to have his classic watch converted to a smartwatch to track his activities. I will definitely get this for him!

    • Word Merchant

      If I had a daughter and she butchered a fine leather strap on a watch of mine, I’d disinherit her.

    • Andrew Buckley

      “Ana”: who are you? Why is this the only post you have ever made?

    • Johnny


  • Daniel Thomas

    Very clever and neat idea. I loved the fact that I can now use my classic watches and don’t have to wear plastic Fitbit. I am ordering two – silver and black!

    • Andrew Buckley

      “Daniel”: who are you? Why no picture? Why is this the only post you have ever made?

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This is a piece of nonsense.

  • I still have absolutely no idea why I need to count my steps. I guess if actually…you know…walking…is your idea of “working out” then maybe it makes sense, and you really do need it.

  • Ashley Norris

    I have seen it. It is very discreet. Great idea, I never liked the idea of a Fitbit, but this does look useful.

  • Word Merchant

    The guy in the last photo is doing an excellent finger-puppet wolf impression. All he needs is a bright lamp and a white board to project his hand onto. Presumably that’s what he’s calling to arrange.

    I will go back and read the article now.

    • DanW94

      Damn tired of this smart buckle tracking my steps, think I’ll hail a taxi instead….

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Is it only me that finds this modern obsession with tracking ones bodily metrics narcissistic. Or am I on the wrong side of history. Is it now admirable to obsess about ones appearance?

    • Alexei Levene

      thank you for the comment sir. data is data but insight comes from within – if bringing the light of your awareness to your activity and sleep helps you to create positive habits in your life this is not about appearance but rather living well, something all of us could do with in this busy world!

    • Marco Sampuel

      I don’t know if you haven’t notice yet, but everywhere are ads about skinny, muscle, etc. people so you’re constantly receiving messages about “appearance” but this and other fitness devices doesn’t focus on appeareances but on, as Alexei Levene stated, creating positive habits and improving your overall living by measuring how much you excercise, how well you sleep, calories, etc.

    • Phil

      There are tons of people for whom physical fitness is a genuine hobby. It certainly isn’t any more bizarre than obsessing over the ticking objects strapped to our wrists.

  • Mikita

    For fitness dicks. Track everything, every fart you make.

    • Word Merchant

      Every fart you make…
      Every sniff you take…
      Every step you take…
      Every strap you break…
      I’ll be tracking you.

      • Mikita


      • Mikita

        This must be a commercial for fitness trackers on TV 🙂

      • Word Merchant

        With apologies to Sting of course.

  • Mikita

    Look down – the forum is full of praising bots. Hate such cheap methods

    • Lincolnshire Poacher

      Haha. Oh yeah, so it is. Yes very tacky.
      They’ve all given each other loads of upvotes. Rather distasteful..

      • Mikita


    • Alexei Levene

      do you have to be negative to be real sir?

      • Mikita

        So it was you, who created those single-comment auto-liking bots?

        • Alexei Levene

          it may surprise you that some people choose to be constructive and rather interesting that de facto these are ‘auto-liking bots’ in your world. whatever this means to you i can assure you we have better things to do, like making great products! be well sir

          • Mikita

            Oh, please.. Go make some more profiles, these aren’t enough.

          • Lincolnshire Poacher

            I’d like to politely reply to that. There are a lot of loyal regulars on this blog. We all comment very regularly and know all the other members who post. The point here is that there are always a small amount of unknown new people who post. That’s welcome. But on this article, there are a ‘lot’ of brand new, one comment history posts, singing – each in useful and varying helpful ways – the praises of this product. On top of which they’ve all voted for each other. New posters never get upvotes, that’s just how it is.
            Of course they could all be genuine. But my money is on Nikita.

  • Der0

    I’m not entirely sure the purpose of advertising a Kickstarter item here of this type. I might be wrong, but I think the people who peruse this website are generally those who don’t own only a single watch…. and their watches are likely to have a combination of strap and bracelet setups.

    Consequent to this then, in order for this fitness tracking extraordinaire to work, you either need two or more buckles, have them be able to hopefully synchronise towards a same account on your phone’s app tracking unit, or wholly solely wear a single watch.. or change it across to a new watch as each day takes your fancy.

    Oh… and fitness tracking on a watch using a leather strap….

    • Alexei Levene

      hi Der0 thanks for taking time to write. we listed on Kickstarter as there is a good community of watch lovers out there and we thought the retail market is not quite ready yet for this kind of product. also we have committed to deliver Smart Buckle within 45 days of the Kickstarter campaign closing and we are on track to do that – this is very much a real product. also i mentioned to one comment above, you can have up to 3 Smart Buckles in your collection that will work with the app, which means that you can use up to 3 watches with buckles and you will have only a single view of your data and insights. of course i appreciate that you may have a larger collection than 3 watches and we celebrate that too!

      • Der0

        Thanks for the reply!
        It’s great to hear that the product’s software can support up to 3 smart buckles.

        However this still doesn’t give a more fuller reasoned explanation as to why the buckle is set up to be sold on a strap instead of a more durable and arguably more sweat friendly rubber or bracelet.

        I don’t live in the northern hemisphere and I’ve learned over the years that I should only put a strap onto my watch during the cooler, dryer winter months… otherweise my regular sweating would very quickly ruin the strap and it have requirement for regular replacement.

        Yes, it’s probably going to be harder to design the buckle to be used for a much more customised design on bracelet or rubber. When that time comes for your product to be able to be deployed on these two types of straps, I’ll be much more interested in your product.

        • Alexei Levene

          thanks Der0 that makes a lot of sense.

          the buckle itself is made from brushed stainless steel with anti-perspiratory material, and we initially are offering in a couple of material finishes at 20mm size. we are offering a couple of options where the buckle comes with a band, Silicon or Leather and in selecting these we focussed a lot on comfort and ease of use (if raining or sweating for example) as well as the design. currently the buckle works easily with most deployment or standard clasps.

          in the future we intend to release additional sizes of Smart Buckle and also to make this usable for a wider range of strap types (as well as some great new health features!).

          best wishes!

  • Jeff Redmayne

    i for one find it surprising the tendency of people to so easily write negative comments, what possesses them i really do not know – i am sure people would be slightly more mindful in person! to my mind this looks like an interesting idea although im not sure if sleep tracking really works for me if i need to wear one of my watches to bed. Still its good to see people trying something new in the industry and i welcome that and wish these buckle people well, it cant be easy making a product like this, however easy it is for some bore to fill the gaping hole in their life with writing negative comments!

    • Alexei Levene

      thanks for the support Jeff. yes to get the benefits of sleep tracking you would wear buckle at night, i do this regularly now and can say that once you have the habit it becomes quite natural, and the insights you get are worth it – especially for the many of us out there that struggle with regular sleep!

  • Pete L

    Interesting idea and keenly priced although looks a little chunky. I am sure this could be refined though. Perhaps a more simple way of moving from strap to strap as I rarely wear the same watch two day in a row.

    • Alexei Levene

      hi Pete thanks for the message and constructive comment. we designed the Smart Buckle application to have up to 3 buckles for your collection and the app will automatically update your performance data whichever buckle you are wearing. we wanted to price this in such a way that smart buckle is accessible for watch lovers with a collection! as for the size, do give it a try, we have been very strict with ourselves to have a design that is comfortable and we think it works. thanks again!

  • Sarah Lafferty

    As someone who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fitness tracker or ugly smart watch, I think this could be a good solution (providing it fits on my watch). A lot of people have been making snide comments here about the point of fitness tracking, but in my case doing so gives me discounts on my health insurance premiums. This could turn out to be a very practical solution.

    • Alexei Levene

      really interesting idea Sarah thanks!

    • That had never occurred to me! Every day I learn something.

    • I need to hire some 18 year old to wear it and have the data supplied to my insurance company as mine, ha ha.

      • Omegaboy

        Put it on your watch winder. They’ll think you’re Superman.

  • Adam Joseph Pidcock

    A great idea and something that should have been introduced years ago. I’m surprised the people at Rolex, IWC et al didn’t jump on this sooner.

  • anrake

    Brilliant idea. Not really for me, but I appreciate the innovation. It’s intermediate steps like this that will lead to the products of the future. I have 4 watches and a few more bands that I rotate through regularly. I also don’t wear these watches to bed, so like I said, not really for me, but I’ll certainly be watching this space!

    • Alexei Levene

      thanks Anrake we appreciate the kind words!

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    ABTW has entered into a Brave New World.

  • Andrew Buckley

    Am I missing something somewhere, but doesn’t the “Smart” Buckle app display exactly the same information (on my iPhone) that the “Health” app already displays (on my iPhone)?

    • Alexei Levene

      hi Andrew, thanks for taking time to post. the idea with Smart Buckle is that it will continue to monitor your activity and health even when you are away from your phone or if it has run out of batteries etc. the buckle has up to 20 days of storage and we have built an integration for both Apple Health and Google fit – the idea is that even if you use another fitness tracker you will only ever have one view of your data. Smart Buckle is not designed to replace your phone, it is designed to offer watch lovers the benefits of smart technology without compromising on style. with greater accuracy than any other smart watch or activity tracker we have tested against we also think it is great value at $39 super early bid on Kickstarter, we hope you give it a try thanks!

      • Andrew Buckley

        Yes…I get that…but, like the majority of people these days, I have my phone on my person pretty much 100% of the waking day!

        • Alexei Levene

          haha that sounds like phone addiction Andrew, you should give your eyes some screen break – we have the same feeling about our timepieces 🙂

          • Andrew Buckley

            You misunderstood. I’m not LOOKING at my phone during every waking hour, but I do have it WITH me during pretty much every waking hour (in my jacket pocket or back pocket), so it’s pretty reliably tracking my activity throughout the day.

      • anrake

        how does integration with Apple Health resolve the conflict between steps recorded by your phone and steps recorded by SmartBuckle.

        • Alexei Levene

          thank you Anrake! its all in the software and that is really an area that Smart Buckle really excels and we have developed an algorithm that arbitrates your data across Apple Health or Google Fit. hope that gives some idea in answer to your question, thanks for taking time!

  • Word Merchant

    Turning things around a bit, I’d quite like a smart device that I can add to a watch buckle to turn it into a Ressence Type 3 or Type 5. I’d be willing to drop around $150 on such a device, if anyone’s willing to take up the technical challenge.

  • Thomas Sutpen

    I’d love one of these. Really great idea. I love my old school watches but I also love new tech – great way to combine the two. sign me up.


    ok it for once looks decent but the issue is when I have a watch with a leather bracelet I am usually at work which means I have my phone which means it is tracking me. Now when I am running around, running, hiking…. which means wearing a diver on rubber or bracelet then I would not mind one of these but it would be limited to rubber straps or some kind of water proof strap since it would not work on a bracelet. the other issue is that IP57 is waterproof to one meter so because I jump in the pool all day then I could not wear it on my diver with rubber or water-resistant traps. so in short I would not be able to use one.

  • i’mforpeace

    What an incredible piece of tech: Easy to add to your existing life and super useful!

  • Nunzio Martinello

    This gadget solves the main issues trackers have: they all look ugly.
    Especially ff you have a nice watch (maybe an expensive one), you don’t really want to add an horrible piece of plastic next to it. With this you can keep your style and the tech is invisible. Great Idea and amazing execution. Ordered one!

  • Eric

    If you can use up to three buckles with one account, how about a special 3 for $99 deal for ABTW readers with lots of watches? I could probably make this useful if I had 3.

  • gt0279a

    Interesting idea, but perhaps not the best design execution. The added length of the buckle will not accommodate a normal fitting strap as the end will not reach the keepers. Second, they list 20mm as the most popular strap size, that may be correct, but 20mm is not the most popular buckle size – and a non tapering strap on most watches is not the best look IMO

  • Marius

    Why are there so many first-time posters praising this product? I see a lot of people with a one-comment disqus account posting comments, and up voting each other.

    Nunzio Martinello, Thomas Sutpen, Adam Joseph Pidcock, Jeff Redmayne, Ana Prates have a one-comment disqus account, and a few other “posters” have a very low number of comments. Interestingly enough, they all gravitated towards this article; they all have only positive & laudative things to say; and they up vote each other.

    I’m sure this is just pure coincidence. I’m absolutely sure that Smart Buckle would use fake disqus accounts. You have my word!

    • Saddest Factory


    • Mikita

      Ahahahahahaha! Indeed, the Smart Buckle dude has nothing to do with it. As he said – “he has better things to do” than creating fake disqus accounts.

      • Saddest Factory

        Maybe that’s why my Disqus was down when this article was originally posted. Too many new accounts being created crashed the servers.

        • Mikita

          We need to step aside when daddy in the house!

    • Ryan Realnolds

      I love it! Putting my order in now.

      • Saddest Factory

        You make a persuasive point. I’ll buy two!