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Novel Canada-based watch brand SOVRYGN introduces its timepiece collection with the SOVRYGN Successor, which is now available for pre-order. The SOVRYGN Successor Automatic will have specific appeal to timepiece lovers who enjoy playful use of luminant material as well as skeletonized movements — all for an affordable price that comes with the power of crowdsourcing. Let’s get to know the SOVRYGN Successor.

SOVRYGN’s founder is a longtime watch aficionado who has designed the Successor with many of his favorite timepiece design elements and traits, all in a single watch. The watch begins with a special skeletonized Japanese Miyota automatic movement, which sits under a skeletonized dial. The dial has bridge-like sections that are specifically designed to fit over the movement below and are carefully painted with Super-LumiNova luminant material. This has the outcome of creating a vividly artistic view of the dial in the dark.

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SOVRYGN launches the Successor Automatic with four versions, each having in common the same 42mm-wide case (which is 12mm-thick and has a water resistance rating of 50 meters). Over the dial is an anti-reflective-coated scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In addition to the Automatic model, SOVRYGN will also offer a simpler Successor Quartz watch without a skeletonized dial that can be discovered for those who view the SOVRYGN Successor Automatic crowdfunding page or website. The SOVRYGN Successor Automatic case is octagonal in shape but has a traditional round dial. This mixture of shapes creates a modern stance on the wrist, with a comfortable experience when it comes to viewing the dial and reading the time.

The Successor Automatic watch cases are produced from a combination of stainless steel and black-colored forged carbon. The steel sections of the case are available in four colors for the four versions of the timepiece, including natural polished steel, and coated black, yellow gold, or rose gold-tone steel. The case’s middle section uses forged carbon, a now-familiar material within the luxury watch space known for its light weight, strength, shock resistance, and fashionable organic texture. Forged carbon was once exclusively in the domain of high luxury timepieces, but thanks to steady development is now available in much more affordable timepieces.

SOVRYGN designers intentionally play with the eye as symmetry plays off of asymmetry — the latter of which is notably seen in the position of the subsidiary seconds hand, as well as the distinctive shape of the skeletonized dial. The dial itself looks like a map for good reason: It is actually a map section from a region in Nigeria, Africa where the SOVRYGN brand founder was born. This offers a subtle yet notable touch evoking a sense of brand origination.

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SOVRYGN pairs the Successor watch with an interchangeable leather strap that comes with quick release spring bars. SOVRYGN will also offer a complete selection of matching steel metal bracelets (in steel, black, or rose gold) that are designed to perfectly fit flush against the Successor case, offering a highly contemporary and well-rounded fashionable timepiece look.

Watch lovers who back the SOVRYGN Successor’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will receive a discount of 35% off the retail price of $645 Canadian Dollars. The pre-order price for the SOVRYGN Successor Automatic watch starts at just $405 Canadian Dollars. Learn more at the SOVRYGN website here.

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