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Interested in a convenient way to store your watches that is also incredibly secure? If so, you’ll want to be familiar with the German luxury safe manufacture Stockinger which, has been producing beautifully designed private safes since 1978. A reputation for excellent quality and craftsmanship has even led them to exclusive partnerships with discerning brands such as Bentley and Bugatti.

For 2013 Stockinger has launched two new products: the BRABUS SV12 watch safe in cooperation with BRABUS, as well a collection of new Watch Winder Cabinets. Each product is designed to not only offer the best in design and convenience, but also to uniquely compliment your individual lifestyle.

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If you haven’t noticed, Stockinger regularly works with some of the world’s most exclusive automobile makers. BRABUS is an aftermarket tuner of Mercedes Benz cars and is the subject of the latest Stockinger safe. The BRABUS SV12 is a unique, lifelong-lasting item designed to look beautiful and protect your valuables.

The BRABUS SV12 luxury watch safe comes with 12 watch winders and a design reminiscent of BRABUS supercars. The drawers are lined with red Alcantara leather, while the BRABUS logo is on the safe handle. While all Stockinger safes are made of high-grade metal, the interior cabinetry is produced from wood, carbon fiber, and leather. At its heart, the BRABUS SV12 is a device made for storage and security, though it is produced entirely from passions. With reliability in mind, all Stockinger safes are VDS tested and awarded the high-level VDS III security rating.

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Stockinger has partnered with Beluwo to supply high-quality watch winders for its safes. Luxury safes intended for storing timepieces benefit from having internal automatic watch winders so that your timepieces are ready to go each time you access your collection. Each individual Beluwo watch winder can be programmed for a specific watch based on a database of model specifications that currently includes information on over 8,000 watches. The winders further employ a 16 hour active phase along with 8 hours of rest, and are set using a smartphone or tablet computer. Perhaps the most considerate feature of the watch winders in each Beluwo-equipped Stockinger safe is that the watches are set to face upright (the 12 o’clock) position when they are not winding.

In addition to the new BRABUS SV12 safe, Stockinger has released a new collection of luxury Watch Winder Cabinets available in various sizes to fit either two, six, or ten automatic timepiece winders. The Watch Winder Cabinets can be fully customized and are available in various woods or carbon fiber and metallic exteriors. These can be placed anywhere in one’s home and operate virtually in silence.

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Stockinger luxury safes and watch winder cabinets are a sweet treat for Christmas or all year long. The Watch Winder Cabinet collection pieces start at 2,400 € for the smallest version and the BRABUS SV12 safe is priced at 110,000 €.

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