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StockX is an open marketplace for watches (among other things) that operates on transparency, authenticity, and anonymity. Our goal is to make buying and selling watches online an easier and safer experience. We also bring new and hard to get items to market for retail prices. You can read more about it right here on ABTW.

The Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO (aka Pepsi bezel GMT) is a very modern take on a very classic colorway and, as you might imagine, it’s not readily available anywhere near MSRP (unless you have a very, very close relationship with your local AD). Here at StockX, we think more people should have access to steel sport watches from Rolex at MSRP, so we’re giving one of you the chance to buy the newest Pepsi bezel GMT in steel at its retail price of $9,250. At the time of writing, resale prices are hovering in the neighborhood of $20k. Read on to find out how you can bid to buy at retail price.

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StockX will be offering 1 Bidder the opportunity to buy the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO watch. Bidding will be open from July 26th–29th, after which StockX will randomly select 1 bidder to purchase the watch for $9,250. You will not be charged for bidding. Only the selected winner will be charged.

How To Enter

-Create an account with StockX on your desktop or mobile device. If you’re going mobile, find our app in the iOS or Google Play store. If you already have an account, make sure your app is updated and jump to step 2.

-Beginning July 26th, place a $9,250 bid on the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO ReStockX. You won’t be charged unless you win.

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-You can also follow StockX on Instagram right here.

-Read full rules here. Bidding is restricted to US users only.

The Watch

Approaching the 2018 edition of Baselworld, Rolex began teasing a new watch, and the rumor mill went into full swing. Would they bring back the “Coke” bezel? An entirely new colorway? One possibility that seemed remote, was bringing the famous “Pepsi” bezel back into steel, given its relegation to precious metal territory. Surely, bringing it back to a steel case would tarnish the lavish reputation it had gained in recent years. But, then it happened. Rolex dropped the 126710BLRO (BLueROuge aka “Pepsi”) on a jubilee bracelet, in steel.

The collective watch world picked up their phones, scrambling to get on their nearest AD’s list for a chance to purchase. Given their habit of restricting production of steel sports models in recent years, securing a new model is no easy feat. As the first examples hit the market, prices have immediately doubled… a trend we don’t see dying anytime soon. Is it worth the hype? Has it lost its identity so carefully established from generations past? We spent a week with one to find out. Read our full review right here. Read Ariel’s take on the watch here.

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