Sinn 757 watch on eBayA “superman” watch is one that is hard to destroy, or really rugged. Most all Sinn watches fall into this category, as they go above and beyond the normal threshold for wear and tear, along with the ability to survive very extreme conditions. All this needs to be taken into consideration when realizing we are talking about a little machine that sits on your wrist.

In fact, no other genuine machines (meaning they are mechanical through and through), can really match how hardy a good watch is, and Sinn obviously takes that to another level. I am not going to bore anyone with a laundry list of features that the Sinn 757 has which makes it strong. Suffice it to say that you can rely of the following main assurances from the powerhouse German watch maker. First, the case is made of a specially hardened steel (which is “Tegimented”), upping the vicker strength, to a Superman like five time stronger than normal steel. The movement and inside of the case are anti-magnetic and feature special shock protection. So you can throw this watch around for years and worry little about what is going on inside. Sinn also uses specially formulated oils and sometime Argon case in this cases to increase the time between servicing, and the ability for the watch to operate smoothly deep underwater or in sub-freezing temperatures. The list of durability features Sinn places in most of its watches could go on, suffice it so say that you don’t need to baby your Sinn 757.

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The Sinn 757 was a new model for Sinn at Basel World 2007. Technically a pilot watch, it has many other uses. The bezel rotates in either direction (as opposed to one direction which is normal for diving watches), and the watch features a 12 hour chronograph based on an ETA Valjoux 7750, but is heavily modified by Sinn. New iterations of the 757 model come out, but the looks stay rather consistent, which is good. This is by far, one of the most handsome, understated, yet powerful looking Sinn watch, or any watch for that matter.

I featured the similar Sinn 757 UTC (that is the same model but with a 24 hour GMT hand) in my article about watches that would suit someone well if they were to be stranded on a deserted island. The SInn 757 is among the few mechanical watches that has the potential for operating many years without worry or accuracy dilemmas.

A perfect condition Sinn 757 on a black bund strap is available on eBay right now. I cannot say what the reserve price is, but I do know the Buy It Now price is a good deal less than retail, which is only one authorized place in the US ( Otherwise you have to fend for yourself in getting one, so it is fortunate one is available now.

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