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Summer is here and there are a few things you can always count on: long days, sweltering heat, and Zodiac releasing a Super Sea Wolf in in a pitch-perfect summertime colorway. This year, Zodiac is releasing the Super Sea Wolf Compression Diver in a green-on-green colorway inspired by the verdant undersea world.

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Zodiac is no stranger to dive watches, having launched its first dive watch in 1953. Throughout the 50s and 60s, the brand would go on to release a plethora of professional divers characterized as much by their quality as they were for their bold designs. When you have a back catalog that includes watches like the Super Sea Wolf Compression that first appeared in the 1960s, you’d be remiss not to bring it back for a modern audience. And that’s exactly what Zodiac has done, but rather than stick solely to the original designs and color palette, Zodiac has released the Super Sea Wolf Compression in a wide array of colors that are nothing if not fun and playful.

The Super Sea Wolf Compression Diver is housed in a 40mm stainless-steel case with thin, angular lugs, brushed surfaces, and a thin profile that wears nice and compact, thanks in part to the lack of crown guards. Make no mistake though, the Super Sea Wolf Compression is more than capable, with 200m of water resistance.

If you’re going to play with colors, it’s hard to beat using the Super Sea Wolf Compression for a canvas. The Super Sea Wolf Compression, with its colorful bezel, contrasting chapter ring, and blocky hands and indices filled with Super-LumiNova is perfect for experimentation with colors. In the past, we’ve seen colorways that evoke watermelons and pineapples (quite literally!) to creamsicles and laser tag. But, for a summer dive watch, the undersea world is a logical choice for inspiration. In this new colorway, Zodiac was inspired by sea turtles and the myriad green hues of their undersea home. With an emerald green dial and seagrass chapter ring, it’s a colorway that’s meant to put a smile on your face and evoke thoughts of diving beneath tropical seas and swimming alongside the gentle giants.

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Besides a new colorway, this Super Sea Wolf Compression also comes equipped with the new and upgraded Swiss-made STP 1-21 movement. The new STP movement beats at 28.8kbph and features 40 hours of power reserve. Zodiac has all your bases covered — the only question remaining is whether to go for the five-link bracelet or a white caoutchouc rubber strap. The stainless-steel bracelet tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 16mm at the push-button butterfly clasp. With small links and an unobtrusive clasp, the Zodiac’s bracelet is designed to melt on the wrist and evoke all the 60s vibe of the era from which it came. Alternatively, the tropic strap is absolutely period-correct and perfect for days on the beach. But, with quick-release spring bars, it’s plenty easy to quickly switch up the look of the watch.

If you’re in the market for a fun and eye-catching summer watch — or want to feel like it’s summer all year long with just a glance at your wrist — be sure to check out Zodiac’s newest Super Sea Wolf Compression Diver, available now for $1,695 USD. To learn more about Zodiac and the Super Sea Wolf Compression ZO9310, please visit the brand’s website.

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