Klaus Ulbrich of Temption watches in Germany is moving on up, Stuttgart Style. This lovely little watch maker’s new villa could be right out of Santa Monica, CA circa 1987. New digs for Temption likely mean more employees, higher production, and more watches, all good things from a company that consistently keeps providing up good looking, quality watches at prices which don’t make me balk, given what you get. Lets take a little tour of the new space where you can go see their in-house show room, and view watch makers hard at work on the wonderful watches.

The outside of the manufacture look like a California day spa (maybe gym, or perhaps real estate office) from the late eighties. Visitors will be happy to know that satellite TV is standard, either for the watch makers or for your viewing pleasure while Klaus himself polishes your new Temption watch to a glowing finish. Pinkish stucco and lots of glass complete the theme of “high-end, high quality German watch” right? Curiously enough a Temption logo sign is missing. Perhaps the matching version of the logo sign is still being made for the new exterior style.

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I really like the show room and the “customer accommodations,” which apparently is German for “waiting room.” Temption obviously knows how to treat its waiting clientele. Look closely and you’ll notice a little bar with wine and perhaps some schnapps, a fitting “accommodation.” An empty receptionist’s table probably doubles as a manicure desk (if necessary, because you can’t wear a nice watch with bad finger nails, no sir). Temption’s love for minimalist architecture is apparent in their selection of this building. There is a richness of angular lines and of course lots of marble. Temption brings is love of black and contrasting colors with the dark furnishings, which are a nice touch. They make about as good use of the space as possible. I imagine sitting in the “accommodation room” until Klaus greets me wearing all black to show me the season’s line of watches. It will be as though everything is in a tone of faded pastel, but all the people and furnishings will be in a deep black; very Bauhaus, very German.

The show room will be a different experience. Sitting in the atrium-like room I’ll get to sample the best that Temption has to offer straight from the designers and makers themselves. They will tell me about the effort involved and rich quality of the materials inside the watch. No doubt I will hear thatwhat Temption does, only they can do. Further, I will be explained with particular specificity why in their opinion, Temption is the greatest watch company to ever exist. I am going to love the enthusiasm, from the phone team; I’ll cherish my new watch acquisitions forever and regret any watches I’ve ever bought online as I was previously deprived this experience. Feeling that sense of horological elation in the large enclosed gazebo-feeling room, I’ll hope it is a nice day, a watch buying day, and that I’ll come back again. Perhaps cakes and coffee will be served next time.

The modest nature of the Temption headquarters is an excellent sign for me. Many of the Swiss watch companies are located in lavish, highly modernized buildings (even if they used to be farms), with gardens better manicured than anything I have ever seen. What does this all tell me? It is a clear communication that many of the Swiss companies are making a fat profit margin. Meaning they charge way too much for their watches. German watch making often seems to be more of a labor of love, not greed. Profit, while necessary, should not act to alienate a client base, Temption seems to understand an embrace this philosophy. Kudos to Temption for keeping their watches as accessible as possible. Klaus, another glass of Schapps please… danke!

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Klaus maintains an open invitation to stop in, that is, if you are the Stuttgart area. And if I am in town, on Stuttgart business or to see what is happening at Mercedes Benz, I will be glad to stop in and ogle some Temption goodness for you and me. Use your new space in good health Temption, go make some watches!

Temption address and contact:

Raistinger Str. 46
71083 Herrenberg

Manager : Klaus Ulbrich
HRB 244226 Stuttgart
VAT-IdNr : DE812184200
Tel. +49 (0) 7032 977 954
Fax.+49 (0) 7032 977 955
eMail : [email protected]

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