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Now firmly established as a brand that offers previously unattainable horological complications at accessible prices and with incredible design, ATOWAK is introducing a bold new variant on one of its most daring designs. The ATOWAK COBRA had already wowed with its satellite wandering hour display and faceted case, and now, it delivers even more bite with the ATOWAK COBRA Venom that brings a captivating, forged carbon fiber case in two dramatic colorways that will impress on the wrist.

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While the ATOWAK COBRA collection has always offered a unique silhouette and captivating wrist presence, the new ATOWAK COBRA Venom pushes things even further. The ultra-modern case still recalls the intimidating hood of a cobra about to strike and keeps the same dimensions, with a 50mm length and a 43mm diameter. Despite its 16.2mm height, the shape of the case allows it to wear far better than the specs suggest, thanks to a redesigned composite caseback and a form that angles down toward the wrist. Further, the straps connect under the case, reducing the effective lug-to-lug. Going beyond the specs, three major changes have been introduced to provide the Venom with a more aggressive look.

The first change is the most notable and brings a solid forged carbon fiber chassis to the ATOWAK COBRA Venom, which takes more than 60 hours to craft. Offered in gold or black, the case is made utilizing ATOWAK’s proprietary casting technique, with pure carbon fiber layered with pearlescent powder to create a liquid-like metal texture. The second change comes with the inserted plates that sit on the largest case facet. Instead of the carbon fiber inserts on other COBRA models, ATOWAK has used 4A-grade pearl inserts to evoke the mesmerizing scales of venomous cobras. Finally, the COBRA Venom models are paired with color-coordinated FKM rubber straps featuring the brand’s proprietary latching quick-release system. 

Just as spectacular as the case is the dial, visible through two sapphire crystals. The rear crystal offers a small glimpse at the ATOWAK logo and the new base pattern that has been updated from horizontal stripes to a cellular pattern that brings to mind a cobra’s scales. The time scales and numerals are rendered in red or gold and, along with the logo, are fully lumed with Super-LumiNova for exceptionally low-light legibility.

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What truly defines the ATOWAK COBRA Venom, and that which ATOWAK has now made its calling card, is the 360°-revolving satellite hour wheel used to show the time. Comprised of dozens of precision-engineered components, the mechanism features three arms with rotating blocks that spin into the correct hour as a fang-link pointer extends to trace the minutes from right to left. This innovative mechanism allows for an incredibly clear display of the time while also maintaining the watch’s untamed spirit.

Powering the ATOWAK COBRA Venom is the AK-04 ultra-thin movement. ATOWAK has used a Miyota 9039 base into which it has integrated its in-house satellite wandering hour mechanism. Winding and setting are done by the 12 o’clock crown and the automatic movement delivers a minimum power reserve of 38 hours at 28,800 vph. Building the AK-04 on top of one of the most reliable calibers available allows ATOWAK to ensure that its watches will stand the test of time.

The ATOWAK COBRA Venom brings a more assertive look to the already impressive COBRA collection. The unique patterning of the forged carbon and the pearl accents balance each other to deliver both beauty and brawn, while the fascinating time display will keep even the most casual enthusiast entranced. The ATOWAK COBRA Venom is priced at $2,699 USD and is limited to a total of 150 pieces. Those who sign up for the brand’s email list and preorder a discount coupon can save up to $650. To sign up and find out more about the COBRA Venom, visit the ATOWAK website.  

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