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The Tangente line is a mainstay in NOMOS’s catalog — slim, impeccably proportioned, and surprisingly versatile, the Tangente easily straddles the line between dress and casual. In the Tangente neomatik 41 Update, NOMOS has maintained the clean lines and classic styling of the Tangente appeal to you, while offering a dash of sportiness and an unexpected pop of color by means of a ring date complication.

Operating out of the Saxon watchmaking hub of Glashütte since 1992, NOMOS has established an outstanding reputation for design. While embracing a clean simplicity derived from Bauhaus sensibilities, NOMOS watches emphasize proportion, typography, legibility, and an approach to color that combines rich hues with an occasional unexpected surprise. Combined with in-house calibers, NOMOS watches far exceed the stringent standards required to earn the Made in Glashütte designation.

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The high-polish stainless-steel case of the Tangente Update will be instantly familiar to fans of the brand. Coming in at 40.5mm in diameter, the Tangente Update maintains and exceptionally thin profile with a case height of only 7.8mm. The thin bezel ensures that the dial remains the star of the show, allowing the watch to maintain ample wrist presence. The smooth, rounded lines of the case are then juxtaposed against the sharp, angular lugs, resulting in a case shape that is instantly recognizable. Sapphire crystals sandwich the case, allowing you to admire the beautifully finished in-house caliber as well as the dial.

The NOMOS Tangente neomatik 41 Update, previously only available in a silver-plated dial, is now available in midnight blue (nachtblau). It’s hard to think of a better descriptor than midnight blue for the matte dial that morphs from blue to black depending on the light. That rich hue is offset by snow white markers and typography and rhodium plated hands. But with NOMOS, there will always be some surprises with color — the neomatik text on the dial (indicating the presence of the brand’s in-house automatic caliber) is a subdued gold, while the real surprise comes in the form of the fluorescent green date indicator.

Around the periphery of the dial are 31 cut-outs that form a date ring. Circling beneath is a bright green date indicator. When situated under two of the cutouts, the bright colors frame the day of the month. Think of it as a pointer date with the NOMOS eye for design. That green highlight on the midnight blue dial transforms the dressy-leaning Tangente into something just a bit more playful.

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Visible beneath the sapphire caseback is the DUW 6101 — an in-house automatic movement that’s part of the NOMOS neomatik family of calibers. This neomatik movement is a wide 35.2mm, a characteristic that allows NOMOS to utilize a peripheral date wheel on a watch with a modern diameter (typically, ring dates are only found on smaller diameter watches). Despite the movement’s slim dimensions at only 3.6mm in height, NOMOS was able to accommodate the ring date complication by means of a custom-shaped gear wheel that connects to the date disc. Speaking of which, the date is quick-set and can be adjusted both forward and backward. In other words, NOMOS has prioritized functionality and the wearing experience in the development of this caliber.

In order to ensure accurate and precise time-keeping, the DUW-6101 is equipped with NOMOS’s proprietary swing system escapement (just look for the tempered blue balance spring). In addition, the movement is adjusted in 6 positions—a fact that is engraved on the bottom plate in two colors with “reguliert in 6 Lagen.” The rotor is also embossed with gold-plated lettering and lavishly decorated. The level of decoration on NOMOS movements, including the DUW 6101 far exceeds just about anything else in its price range. Glashütte three-quarter plate, tempered blue screws, rhodium plating, Glashütte ribbing, NOMOS perlage, golden engravings—it’s a mesmerizing movement absolutely deserving of being on display behind the sapphire caseback.

The NOMOS Tangente neomatik 41 Update in midnight blue is available now for $4,100 and comes on a black Horween shell cordovan strap, but the watch’s 20mm lug-width makes it a breeze to swap straps to match your mood or style. To learn more about the NOMOS Tangente neomatik 41 Update and other watches in the NOMOS lineup, be sure to visit the brand’s website.

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