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aBlogtoWatch is proud to present a limited-edition timepiece stand and display product created in collaboration with Sweden’s The Watch Stand. The energetic watch display maker produces a variety of high-end watch display products that have been highly popular with the timepiece enthusiast community, as well as collectors.

The Watch Stand product isn’t just designed to attractively display your watches — it is also meant to protect them. Many people remove their watches while at their desks or in their bedrooms at night. The timepiece stand’s soft leather pillow and Italian stone marble base are designed to be sturdy as well as to protect the watches resting on it after repeated use. This is important as, over time, repeatedly brushing of metal watches on wood or other surfaces can cause small blemishes and scratches to appear.

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The Watch Stand X aBlogtoWatch Duo Stand product uses the company’s Duo Stand watch display that features a wide pillow suitable for at least two timepieces to rest on it. The Duo Stand weighs a total of 1,030 grams and has a base that is 16cm-wide, 11cm-long, and 14cm-high. The Italian calfskin leather cushion is 15.5cm-wide, 7cm-long, and 2cm-thick.

This limited-edition version of The Watch Stand has some special decorative features etched and painted into the white Carrara marble base. This includes a “wristwatch outline” motif in gray and the aBlogtoWatch logo with an adjacent “Non-Amateur Horologist” statement in red. The aBlogtoWatch version of the Duo Stand was designed by Jason Sarkoyan in collaboration with The Watch Stand and aBlogtoWatch.

Collectors frequently demand (and enjoy) better ways to store and display their watches safely. Products like The Watch Stand Duo Stand are produced by timepiece lovers for timepiece lovers to meet these needs. This is exactly why aBlogtoWatch chose to produce a collaborative product with The Watch Stand and hopes that the community will enjoy using this limited-edition The Watch Stand product as much as we do. A great secondary use for the aBlogtoWatch Duo Stand is as a place to take photographs of your watches for social media or other uses.

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Despite the extra features and work associated with the limited edition The Watch Stand X aBlogtoWatch Duo Stand, the price for each of these items is the same as the non-limited edition Duo Stand products, and it can be purchased on The Watch Stand website. The first batch of these limited products is just 20 pieces, and they will go fast. Price for The Watch Stand X aBlogtoWatch Duo Stand is €289. Learn more or order at The Watch Stand website here.

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