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Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

Updated with a new case size and movement, the recently released Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand is a much welcome addition to the company’s East West line of watches. It takes the best aspects of the previous models, such as the unique rotated dial layout, high-quality materials, precision construction, and a handsome design that harkens to the company’s past… and adds two new features that modern luxury watch buyers demand: a bigger case and automatic movement. Whereas previously available only in quartz, the updated line should draw a lot of new interest.

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

The Tiffany & Co. East West was first introduced in April 2015 and was powered by a Swiss quartz movement with a 42mm x 25mm horizontally rectangular case in stainless steel on an alligator strap. There were three color options for the dial: black, blue, and white. Ariel went hands-on with the Tiffany & Co. East West watches around the time of their launch, and his opinion was that they are “pleasantly whimsical while also elegant-looking.”

I can say that my opinion does not differ too far from Ariel’s assessment of the quartz models, but that the updates in design and new TCO 2558 movement (based on the Sellita SW1000 automatic movement) draw me in more than the original ever did. The movement operates at 4Hz and has a 40-hour power reserve. Whereas the quartz models only displayed hours and minutes, the automatic movement is emphasized on the Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand watches with the addition of the sweeping seconds hand.

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

The case is now 46.5mm x 27.5mm in size, which will wear in a more masculine fashion than the quartz version, and it is water resistant to 30m. The dial features many small updates that combine to form a much more visually interesting package, coming in blue or white with a radial guilloché finishing and gold or silver powdered numbers. The dial gives the Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand watch an almost vintage appearance, something which I personally like quite a lot, both from an aesthetic perspective and for how it taps into Tiffany’s heritage as a watchmaker. Both the front and back of the case have sapphire crystals and the front crystal has a multi-layer, uncolored anti-reflective treatment. Through the back you will be able to partially see the decorated movement.

Tiffany & Co. East West Automatic 3-Hand Watch Watch Releases

Each model comes on an alligator strap, and the stainless steel-cased models are priced at $4,750 with the 18k rose gold-cased model priced at $12,


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  • Shawn Lavigne


  • MA

    $4,750 – No way. $200 – No way.

  • SuperStrapper

    The design is… interesting, I suppose. But I’ll never get past how ridiculous the handset looks at 9:15 or a similar time. Price is out of touch.

  • TrevorXM

    Remarkable how the Tiffany logo is worth $2k on the steel model, however it is based on real history and prestige. Unlike Bremont’s $3k premium for their logo for comparison — which is based on nothing.

    • Chaz

      Based on “Aviation Inspired”

      • Boogur T. Wang

        Just like my “Aviation Inspired” bombing runs on the terlet (thanks Archie Bunker) every morning at 0900 hrs.

        • Chaz


  • ??????

    Is it only me – I find it rather hard to read the time quickly? 5k for steel Sellita-based watch is a bit Hublotish (or Bremontish, if you prefer), but I kinda like the design.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Someone walking this earth though this would be whimsical to do. Tiffany, what were you thinking ! with such a long history of quality and style ,……..and you come out with this piece of nonsense.Their is ZERO masculine about this watch. This is the first watch i have seen that wold give me a sore neck ! . Unbelievable.

  • DanW94

    Love the art deco style. The renders don’t do it justice, it’s so much more elegant in actual photos, the case is beautifully done with alternate brushed and polished surfaces and the sunburst dial is striking. The larger size of the automatic over the quartz dispels the notion that it’s a ladies watch. The only drawback for me is that I wear my watch on my right wrist so it’d be an even more awkward proposition to read the time at a glance than on the left wrist.

  • Chaz


    • Raymond Wilkie

      You will need to pay me $1 MILLION to wear this.

      • wrigduo

        you need to ask more…1 zillion billion hahah

  • Ulysses31

    I think these are quite attractive. Turn them the right way around and we’ll talk.

  • Simon_Hell

    Holy crap this is the first rectangular watch i don’t hate. Aah what the hell ….i love it.

    To all the whiners out there, realistically compare lifting and turning your arm to look at a conventional watch face, and then try to lift your arm as if you were wearing this thing. I can’t believe the difference, how much more natural a easier it is to look at this imaginary horizontal watch. Completely omitting having to twist my shoulder joint.

    And no, you’ll never get a completely perpendicular view even with with a standard watch, forget it, theres still an angle, admit it.

    • Jeffrey Chang

      Wear it on the inside of your wrist

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Who does that these days ? my pappy use to wear it so to protect the glass face.

        • Jeffrey Chang

          With this layout it makes sense to. Trends usually alternate generations. People who call you pappy will definitely be commenting on your style. Don’t disrespect pappys.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Are you nuts ? Firstly the layout makes no sense it’s a weak and completely unnecessary hook ( in my opinion ). Secondly , trends alternate generations,……… they don’t , and i would never disrespect my elders ( pappy was my grandfather ). With the advent of sapphire crystal the need to protect it from scrapes is much less.

          • Jeffrey Chang

            If you wanted to wear a watch on the inside of your wrist, then this layout makes perfect sense.

            Also trends do alternate generations. Why do you think there are so many vintage homage pieces now from the 60-70s?

            Also mom jeans from the 80s are back.

  • word-merchant
    • Raymond Wilkie

      Grrrrrr,……………..i looked

  • Yojimbo

    I think I’ll just go with a Seiko cocktail thanks

  • Chaz

    Ok after further analysis, I DO like the numeral font.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Quite lovely, and, dare I say it, “fun” looking pieces.

  • Luxury Buyers

    A very fair price for such an elegantly executed timepiece by Tiffany&Co. One has to embrace the unique style of the watch in order to really take into account the effort that is put into the making of it.

  • A very fair price for such an elegantly executed timepiece by Tiffany&Co. One has to embrace the unique style of the watch in order to really take into account the effort that is put into the making of it.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      One tried,…….. and failed. I can certainly embrace the rich heritage of this company and the ground breaking designs they have come up with, but this ? Such a beautifully made piece totally ruined by size, target market, and stupid sideways face.

      • Lucy McCorkle

        It is inspired by a travel clock Tiffany and Co used to make, beautiful piece.

  • Jeffrey Chang

    I’d really like a picture of the buckle as I will be wearing this with the face inside my wrist for a natural view..

  • Timestandsstill

    If it had more appropriately sized hands (although I understand the minute hand would then pass over the top and bottom numerals) and price, I’d gladly wear it… I like them

  • John William Salevurakis

    Like it….at a maximum street price of around $3K in stainless.

  • CryptoReporter

    Not sure if I would ever wear this one but I’m liking the Great Gatsby art deco design.

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