Timekeeper Chronometire Mystery Of Time: Table Clock Art

Timekeeper Chronometire Mystery Of Time: Table Clock Art

Timekeeper Chronometire Mystery Of Time: Table Clock Art Feature Articles

Picture this: a rather large table with a clock that rises out out the column style leg through the center of the table. The clock slowly rises up when a sensor is hit with light - meant to be activated by the morning sun. When the clock "chapel" finishes its ascent a series of sections open up like a flower to reveal a "mystery clock," earth and moon planetarium, and a giant tourbillon that spins on three axis points. That is more of less what the "Mystery of Time" clock by Timekeeper Chronometrie and Atelier Knesebeck in Germany is all about. These artistic luxury horology creations are super limited, and super expensive. You also better have a spare room to put it.

Read more about the Mystery of Time clock in my full article on James List here.

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  • Absolutely amazing.

  • Dangeruss

    People will buy anything, apparently. Not enough Mammoth tusk for my liking though…

  • Ulysses

    This just screams poor taste, the kind of thing that an oil sheik would want. I imagine it would be delivered on a chariot made of unobtainium, pulled by unicorns.

  • Ovidiu

    I believe we are too harsh on this. This is obviously a show off piece, a proof of concept in the same category as Bugati Veiron. What I don’t understand is the urge to add value to it by loading it with all kinds of precious stones, metals and teeth of dead animals. Come one now! The turbillion is nice, the moon-earth system is interesting, the gear transfer to show the time is ingenious and mysterious. They should have stopped there.

    If you’re into turbillions, at that price, you could get a Thomas Prescher Triple Axis AND a the Zero G… but how am I to tell, I don’t have a million dollars to appreciate this 🙁

  • kris c

    We forgot “super hideous”. It looks like the father of a million Christmas tree ornaments from the late 50’s.

  • Omid

    Make it in platinum.

  • Eric

    @Ulysses – Thanks for the laugh! LMAO!