Everyone has been eagerly anticipating the new Seastar 1000 watch from Tissot this year. It has good looks and a large 48mm wide that is big, but not overpowering due to the shorter lugs. For those highly intimidated by the size, there is also a smaller three-hand version that is 42mm wide. The color selection is interesting, and these could be the Tissot watches to own this year.

A retro looking thin bezel means that the dials look massive. You can really appreciate the size of the watch based on how the chronograph subdials are clustered in the center due to the size of the ETA C0.211 automatic movement. I first discussed the new Tissot Seastar 1000 watches here. The placement of the chronograph dials does help leave much of the dial open and easy to read. The hands are nicely doe and I like the mixture of retro and modern elements throughout the design of the watch.

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The steel case has a complex design on it, and includes an automatic helium release valve on the side of it. Gotta love Tissot for putting a large “T” as the counterweight on the chronograph seconds hand. The dial colors include black and blue, blue and white, and black and orange. My favorite goes back and forth between the black and blue and black and orange.

Style-wise Tissot did a nice job on the collection – vastly taking it away from the look of the previous model. The Seastar 1000 feels more like an instrument now, and certainly more fun. At 300 meters water resistant, I suggest you take a plunge with one. They come on branded rubber straps as well as steel metal bracelets. In this case I think I prefer the rubber strap given the design of the watch. Price for the chronograph will be about $1000, while the smaller three-hand model will be at least $200 cheaper (if not more). I believe the three-hand automatic has an ETA 2824 inside of it. Look for the new Tissot Seastar 1000 watches soon.

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