Tissot T Race Danica Patrick Chronograph Limited Edition 2009

I’ve never been into the NASCAR/Race car thing. It’s all too fast, too loud, too confusing for me. Baseball’s way more my speed.

But, there is something very appealing about Danica Patrick, the first woman to win a race in Indy Car history. She set her sights on a male dominated field, in every aspect, and has now dominated it. Check her wins, check her medals, and she’s still way hott.

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That said, I’m very impressed with Tissot for approaching Danica and offering such a collection in her honor. Strong yet feminine designs, they truly capture her spirit and passion. I know that sentence is a complete cliche, and brands love to throw it around to show they actually understand women, but I stand behind it. As a strong, sexy, feminine watch geek.

Now that Tissot is venturing forward with a limited edition Chronograph for Danica, to be released this year, there is finally a sports watch designed with a sexy, adventurous woman in mind. Reviewing the models within the Danica Patrick Collection, I think that this Chronograph works the best.

Danica, the athlete, and Danica, the woman, are reflected in this watch. Not only with the blue accents, inspired by her racing teams’ colors, but with the sexy Mother Of Pearl Dial. It’s not exactly conventional, but I love when watch makers incorporate Mother of Pearl into sports watches. Strong lines of the case, with the sensuous pearl dial… Always works for me.

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Looking at the supple, durable white rubber band, I can actually see this watch on a woman’s wrist. Wish it was on mine. Tissot has built a rep for integrating different materials to create a watch that is versatile, durable, and priced well. With all the accents that they’ve included, like the checkered flags and Danica blue indicators, Tissot is definitely successful in their final product.


Even these promo pics are hot. Her sultry stare, with the watch in the foreground… Like she’s taking off, and the only thing keeping up with her is this watch. Her need for speed and performance are clear – for herself and for this watch – so I applaud Tissot for this design.

Most importantly, I truly believe that Danica wears this watch. Proudly. And not just to events, but when she’s on the track or at a barbecue or listening to country music… Whenever. She’s rocks it.

Aligning product designs with spokespeople, and accurately representing their personalities and professions, is not often achieved when celebs and athletes ink deals with fashion, jewelry, or watches. It’s too often superficial and impersonal.

But Tissot has managed, finally, to capture her raw power and strength as a woman and an athlete. And they’ve definitely captured drive and passion within a sexy, affordable chronograph.

Other brands should look to them as an example that works…

Incorporating such luscious, feminine, sporty details into Danica Patrick Chronograph shows that Tissot understands not only watches, but women, too. Part of the impressive portfolio of brands and services within Swatch Group, it is understandable how Tissot is able to take such risks – and they do it well.

Most people cannot afford pricier chronographs from the top Swiss Watch companies. So it’s always refreshing to see that such luxuries, such achievements in watchmaking, are not held for only a select few.

This Limited Edition run of 4,999 pieces, presumably missing one for Danica herself, are super hot. A price tag of $595 proves Tissot’s commitment to “democratic luxury.” Their term, not mine, but I absolutely love it.

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