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Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field

Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field Watch Releases

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Sleek, stylish, and super-strong, the BOLDR Venture makes a welcome return to the collection for 2019. Having experienced success with the original Venture model, BOLDR Supply Co. decided to bring the titanium beater back with an upgraded mechanical movement, replacing the original series’ quartz caliber. Designed for use in the field, the BOLDR Venture Auto is as tough on the outside as it is reliable on the inside. Within the traditionally-sized 38mm titanium case, an SII NH35A movement keeps time. This rugged self-winding module is a firm favorite of microbrands the world over for its consistent performance, and excellent chain of supply (facilitating future servicing whenever necessary).

Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field Watch Releases

The true value of the Venture model, however, can be found in the materials used for the construction of the watch’s exterior. An all-titanium case is not only durable but also lightweight. Keeping the 14mm-thick case close to the wrist is a 20mm ballistic nylon strap (with branded titanium hardware), which passes through integrated “loop-lugs” doing away the need for spring bars entirely. Additionally, these angular lugs curve downwards slightly, providing a more ergonomic fit on the wrist. Combining this subtly curved case shape with a 4 o’clock screw-down crown makes for a comfortable daily beater, measuring 42mm from lug to lug.

Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field Watch Releases

Topping the case is an anti-reflective, scratch-proof sapphire crystal, which plays its part in ensuring water resistance down to 200 meters beneath the surface. Heavily applied lume to the handset and the Arabic numerals makes this watch highly legible in low-light conditions or underwater.

Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field Watch Releases

Each of the four colorways is inspired by a different environment: The Sandstorm is at home in the desert; the Jungle Green fits in beneath the canopies of the Amazon; the Navy Blue is designed for the high seas; the Carbon Black is perfectly suited to secret missions under the cover of darkness.


Titanium Boldr Venture Watch Built For Extreme Use In The Field Watch Releases

The new BOLDR Venture Auto watch launched in October 2019, with the first models finding their way to customers’ wrists in mid-November. The full retail price is $299 on the official BOLDR online store, where you can also learn more about the brand and its products:

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  • Raymond Wilkie

    I’m not planning any secret missions under darkness and i get sick on a boats so it’s a no from me.

    • Agnar Sidhu

      Those type of mission are mostly common in one twenties when out pub crawling?

    • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

      Not me, writing from the Indian Ocean ?

  • I have a great fondness for field watches, and these fit the bill perfectly! Still not a big fan of the name though.

    • Lingua Franca

      I don’t care for the name either, but what I really have an (irrational?) aversion to are “$FirstName $LastName” brands.

  • SuperStrapper

    I refuse to take this brand seriously while they continue to maintain that “O” in their name.

    • Raymond Wilkie


  • DanW94

    I took my watch, I layed it down
    Climbed a mountain and I turned around
    And I saw my reflection in the sapphire crystal
    And I stared at that 4 o’clock crown

    Well, I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’ (my watch)
    ‘Cause I’ve shaved my arm hairs for you
    But price makes this Boldr
    Give other watches the cold shoulder
    So I’m gonna Holdr it too…

  • SuperStrapper

    I’m oddly agreeing that titanium was good choice here, for that very reason. I think this little thing would carry an interesting aesthetic with a bunch of authentic… “wabi sabi” in the case.

  • TheChuphta

    I like the watch, the copy – on the other hand – is ridiculous. Beneath the canopies of the Amazon? Take it easy there. This reads like a brochure for a couples day trip at a Sandals resort.

    • Colt Foutz

      Beneath the dripping door of my garage, I adjust my mismatched gloves, undo the snaps on my parka and ready my rusty shovel for clearing the driveway, praying that today is not the day when I over-exert myself and that my wife is looking the other way when I drop to the still-half-cleared pavement, lest the Patek-wearing paramedic arrives to cut my trusty micro brand watch from my rapidly cooling wrist.

  • Esteban

    Cn’t stnd t.

  • It’s a very affordable robust quality Ti watch but it’ll look sort of hobbit-like on a large wrist and lots of customers I know would ask why no date complication…

    Oh! I have 2 question for Mr. SponsoredPost
    Or anyone here who has the watch

    (1) Does the Boldr Venture Field Ti have a life time warranty? Some0ne says it has or this is just a load of Balderdash? (Sorry Couldn’t resist using the word ?)

    (2) Why is the Boldr watch with an even bolder dial design ( You guys get this a lot don’t you?) looks fairly similar to the Bertucci watch?

  • SMB

    I’m not normally keen on field watches, since I can add 12 in my head. However, I rather like these and at this price would not be worried about it getting a few nocks.

    There is no date on the watch so I don’t know why they have used the NH35 instead of the NH38 (same movement without a date wheel). So I assume there will be an unnecessary phantom date position when pulling out the crown.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Don’t see anything majorly wrong with these given the price – sure the name sounds a bit like a company that would produce plastic carabiners clips, and who knows, perhaps the crown would look better at 3, but they win points for not including a date window and making it a pretty universally acceptable size. Out of the 50-or-so microbrand offerings we’ve had this month I think this one is in the top 3.

    Also, side note – I’m all for being a bit OTT in advertising but do all field watch ads need to sound like an exert from a Tom Clancy novel? I think instead of “perfectly suited to secret missions under the cover of darkness.” it’s going to be more “perfectly suited for taking the wife and kids on a four day camping trip.

    • Mikita

      Merriam-Microbrandster Dictionary:
      * secret mission under the cover of darkness = bringing the dog around the street to defecate.

  • Mikita

    Cldnt gr mr.

  • Doug Iles

    The copy says that it does not have spring bars, but the pictures show through holes. What exactly is the arrangement?

    The case design is similar to the Smiths PRS-40.

    Dare I say it, I like the Smiths a bit bttr.

  • JFPisa

    Excellent design; case, dial, hand-set, etc and I applaud the 38mm size. A field watch should be no larger. But 14mm thickness?? No way.

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