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Join Topper Fine Jewelers to celebrate our expanded in-store Omega Shop-in-Shop in Burlingame, CA. In collaboration with Omega, we have built a luxurious home for our extensive Omega inventory. Our new Omega lounge provides a relaxed atmosphere for guests to view and try-on Omega watches.

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Join us on Saturday, November 19th, 2016, from 5-8pm for the grand opening of this new space. Omega’s Head of Product Management, Gregory Kissling, will be joining us to present and discuss Omega’s new Planet Ocean Deep Black watches. We would love aBlogtoWatch readers to join us for a “Deep Black Cocktail” and hor d’oeuvres.


Together with Omega, we chose the Planet Ocean Deep Black as the featured watch of our grand opening. The Planet Ocean has been the most popular part of the Seamaster line at Topper. The new Deep Black series features the sophisticated METAS certified movement and is the first Seamaster to feature a ceramic case. For more information on the new Planet Ocean Deep Black, check out Ariel Adams’ recent review of the watch.

Although Ariel will be in the UAE for Dubai Watch Week, we are fortunate to have other members from the ABTW team in-store for the event.

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We hope that you will join us to celebrate our longest standing watch partnership, connect with other watch enthusiasts, and learn about these cutting-edge watches. We will be giving a special gift from Topper and Omega to all who attend. Please RSVP to [email protected] and mention that you heard about the event on ABTW.

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