After talking about the world’s smallest tourbillon, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about one that was twice as large. The Rodolphe Instinct has a tourbillon that is 23mm wide (the smallest so far is 11.3mm wide). The width of the case is 56mm and is 54mm high. Really massive, and able to hold the complex movement. The watch is purely mechanical but displays the hours and minutes digitally using rotating cylinders, which I find very effective. Then, there is also a power reserve indicator that is also featured on a rotating cylinder.

On the left side you have the massive tourbillon with the “R” for Rodolphe. The arrow at the top of this “R” indicates the seconds as the massive tourbillon spins once every 60 seconds. This feature takes up about half of the dial, and adds a constant source of visual movement which makes the watch more interesting to look at. The digital readout of the hour and minute is great looking. Nicely modern, even though it is basic and legible.

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This is the type of watch that you either love or hate. The looks are totally going to be subjective. I personally am fond of the style, though I couldn’t wear it everyday. It is an amazingly robust design that frankly does not allow you think of how unpractical it is. Rather, you’ll gush over the proud design and article of pride on your wrist.


The Rodolphe Instinct 5456 Big Tourbillon comes in various case materials and strap color options, each is expensive of course. There are gold and white gold cases, and even ones with a PVD finish. The alligator strap options are white, brown, and black. With a water resistance of 30 meters, this watch wants to stay on land, and likely safe. Pricing is in the “only kings and super celebrities” range at well over $100,000.

See Rodolphe watches video on TimeTV here.

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