It is hot off the press that the Rolex Explorer has ditched its 39mm variation and returned to the 36mm diameter of the original model that was launched in 1953, following the first ascent to the summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29th that year. Our latest addition to the aBlogtoWatch Store is a new Horological Artwork, a stunning watch drawing by our featured artist, Tamás Fehér, who has placed the Everest right in the center of the dial of the Rolex Explorer 1016. Debuted in 1963, reference 1016 is a 36mm-wide rendition of the Rolex Explorer that stands remarkably close to the aesthetics of the latest all-Oystersteel version introduced just a week or so ago.

In his typical style, Tamás seeks to combine some of the most popular wristwatches with one or more thematic elements essential to their history, design, functionality, or coveted collector status. This spectacular artwork faithfully recreates the mesmerizing sight of the daunting peak, placing this monumental creation of nature onto the classically narrow dial of a human-made object. A seemingly impossible combination both in art and in real life — and yet, the end result is truly is remarkable.

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This watch drawing took over a week for Tamás to create entirely by hand, over a clean sheet of paper. Following careful initial design and planning, he used nothing but basic tools, pencils, and enviable patience to connect the Explorer with its primary source of inspiration: Mount Everest. The end result is a remarkably crisp rendition of the core details that make the Explorer a fan favorite: the typical Rolex Oyster case and Oyster bracelet that are both rugged in their industrial nature and beautifully proportionate, and the white-on-black dial and its three center-mounted hands and the screw-down crown with its sharp, fluted edges. The reflections on the smooth, polished bezel and brushed lugs and bracelet are photorealistic, as is the rendition of the Earth’s highest mountain (above sea level).

We are thrilled that Tamás reached out to us to have his artworks featured on the aBlogtoWatch Store and that they have been so exceptionally well-received by so many of you already getting your favorite piece. We are also very proud to be able to bring his talent and tireless dedication to his craft to you, our global audience. Browse a total of 12 Horological Artworks on the aBlogtoWatch Store, or visit this link directly to get your “Tribute To The Rolex Explorer” watch drawing in the popular sizes of A3 and B2 (exact measurements are on the product page), priced at $149 and $199, respectively, with Free FedEx Priority Shipping to just about every country in the world.

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